I Have Had So Many Xrays:)

my most recent was mri for carwreck i had it on my neck spine and head and it was like a huge donut and it kept dinging like a microwave felt like i was cooking and you wonder how much exposure am i getting in this thing??do they upkeep it??ive had shoulder xrays,xrays on my wrist from injury..on my theeth god knows how many times hate that thing right by your head.and well..the postion they pry you in to get the pictures no fun..and i have had chest xrays for fear of phemonia..ive had xrays on stomach and ctscan on stomach...
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I can relate with you on your concern of the amount of x-ray radiation you have had.<br />
<br />
3: CT scans of neck<br />
2: CT scans of chest<br />
2: CT scans of abdomen<br />
2: CT scans of pelvic<br />
-Barium Swallow exam<br />
and can't count how many chest x-rays<br />
all of the ct scans and barium swallow were all after I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, but I wonder if the amount of chest x-rays I may have done was the cause of my thyroid cancer.....hmmm. I'm concerned now that I have something else goin on with me, and not to forget the radioactive iodine I had to take for my cancer, Dr. says it raises my chances slightly of get lymphoma. Oh, and just FYI, MRIs do not use radiation.

WOW!<br />
Thank goodness you are okay.<br />
I have never had an x-ray.<br />
<br />
Thank you for this story. :)<br />

i think, you need to change the group name to I HAVE X-RAYS!!