Thanks Xray Guys For Your Muscles

I was in excruciating pain in March of 2011 after my hip was broken. It took not one but two visits to the emergency room to determine this. 5 xrays and a CT scan later the brilliant physicians saw that it was broken and immediately took me to the operating room. But i get ahead of myself.

This is ode to the xray dudes in the emergency room.

It took a sec to convince everyone that i was truly in pain.

My inability to bear weight on my left leg should have clued someone into this fact.

A hip fracture does not show up on an xray apparently

I think it depends on the view.

but i rant.....

I want to praise.

The gentleman and his student who took my xrays handled me so gently.

I had to get into impossible positions on the table and this nice man facilitated the impossible. He and his student carried me without hurting me. He told me exactly what to do and kept me from hurting.

If i hadn't had so much pain medicine I would've remember his name and his students name and recognized them afterwards. I did appreciate that these two could carry me so tenderly and that they didn't hurt me.

thank you xray dudes...your names may be forgotten, but I won't forget your kindness.
ijustneed2talk ijustneed2talk
46-50, F
Sep 6, 2012