Everyonce In a While But...

IT HURTS! i am just too small in my opinion but i still at least trry to for a few minutes before i just have to say hurry up please.

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I have never had anal sex..I really wanna stick my **** I in a nice but hole

Lube is the other key thing... either use a LOT of thick-bodied gel lube, or a smaller amount of silicone-ba<x>sed lube, which I find to be best. And if you find that he is trying to do it too fast and makes you feel bad, you might want to take control, and ask to be on top, at least to start each time. That gives you full control, and you can ease his **** into your *** at a pace YOU are comfortable with. Just try your best to relax your sphincter, and perhaps train yourself with a butt-plug regularly.You can start with a small one, and gradually work your way up to one that is about the diameter of your partner's ****.<br />
Good luck!

Yeah the butt plug works really well for sure if the guy is largely hung

May I suggest Ms. Goldwaffles that if you use a well lubed small ***** once to twice a week then gradually increase the thickness and length of the device over a two month period. Anal penetration becomes less anoying and more pleasurable as the rectal muscles get use to occasional expansion. This method takes patience but you will find that you will eventually like penetrating yourself so much that you look forward to your weekly "insertions". My wife is a level 4 cervical cancer survivor and I noticed her recovery process included the use of a series of four different sized *****'s, that fit inside one another. Sounds laughable, but it's a real device for cancer patients and those tg's who opt for SRS to keep it "open" thereafter if sex is not regular for them. Anyway I bought one to use myself, and have long since graduated to an 8 inch long 1 1/2 inch thick vibrator that I derive a lot of colon messaging pleasure from. Frankly in my opinion males don't need viagra or cialis! All they need is to let go of their pridefull ego's and allow their Wive's, gf's, whatever to message their colons inducing a very healthy erection bringing both person's a heightened level of physical gratification. Naturally the Female involved has to grasp this slightly kinky concept with an open mind, but both you and your mate's pleasure is an important part of your relationship. But please gf make sure you're doing this in as comfortable a way as possible for your pleasure first, then his, okay hon?<br />
lots 'a luv, robbi

buy some orajel it's jel for ache gums or teething, use it as lube, then take the slamming you deserve<br />
make sure his hardon is raging, then when finished get back on here and tell us so we can look at your pic and jack our *****, knowing what a good girl you are

buy some orajel it's jel for ache gums or teething, use it as lube, then take the slamming you deserve<br />
make sure his hardon is raging, then when finished get back on here and tell us so we can look at your pic and jack our *****, knowing what a good girl you are

try lubing like everyone said, but before use a butt plug as practice. It use to hurt me at first then i got use to spending my days with a butt plugs in my ***, so now it has to be a monster to hurt.

1 of my old gf's loved anal,and at 4'11 she was a tiny woman,and she found out that position takes pressure off of that area and allowed her to get into it without the extra pain.

hmmm it might be

It would be easier on you if you laid on your side at first,then change positions as you get into the flow so to say.

LOL. SG u are too much!

Eeeek! I already did! Oh, I am SO gullible ;-)

lol. i ain't falling for that one!

I seem to have dropped my pencil. Would you mind bending over and getting that for me.....?

It can be very highly erotic for us too! Seriously. Very sub and sexy when done right.

lol. come on over for what, needit?

Miss J... Uh...... come on over here.....

as long as you're enjoying it and it's getting easier for you, then go for it!

AP, I'm a feminist and I love anal sex... the two are not exclusive. When he's giving, I'm taking it joyfully and with my own sense of power.

play with yourself as you push it in, it loosens things up

lol i like your butt plug pic

Practice ! lube and relax !<br />
Add some self training as well, let's say that a butt plug helps a lot, have an enema some hours before and enjoy the amazing world of anal sex!

wow cool might have to check them out

usually if i stimulate my **** it makes me relax and feels better

The key is to pleasure yourself while he's back there...this will make your muscles relax....otherwise you'll be too tense...if you can bring yourself to an ****** you'll be amazed at how intense it will be compared to a regular one :-)

hmm good idea

i like those rules! lol

i have this wonderful cream called the tushy tamer and it numbs it for the first few minutes then wears off little by little so i can get used to it. : D

Keep on at it sweetie, you may enjoy it after a time. I do.

it gets easier every time and he loves it

if it's that uncomfortable, is it worth doing?


More lube and taking it very, very slowly during insertion. Seriously. You are also probably tight because you expect it to hurt. It doesn't if you relax, really, lube up (and he lubes too!), and he goes nice and slow. Try being on top and lowering yourself on him, that way you control the pace. Oh, and have him wear a condom... it's not only safer, but a lot nicer afterwards....

lol okay okay

What I ment was go slow till it's in than U can GO LIKE HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well i have to back-up on to it very slowly at first then he can start slowly moving then he can go faster

I likee it both ways slow at first then faster!!

i find that ii actually like to go faster than slower because slow hurts more.

Go slow with lots of lube !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!