Selfish And Superficial People

Until recently I fought off the thought that my lousy parents and family background made such a great influence on the people I choose as my friends. To think about it, that was a product of my insecurities, left from the relationship I had with my parents.

So I chose people that felt familiar to me, as my friends. People who were selfish, superficial, liars with motives of their own.

People who were treating me right got rejected, because that felt unnatural to me. It felt fake and over the top.

Well, knowing that made me realize, I only had one true friend in life - my ex boyfriend, my best and only friend.

The rest of them are acquaintances called friends to their face only out of habit and my lack of motive to go into discussion with them, as it would be worthless trying to explain the weight of real friendship to such superficial people.

Feels good having a real friend, but so sad knowing how many fake ones I left behind and gradually, intentionally cut off...and believed in every single one of them at the start.
Godess4Fun Godess4Fun
36-40, F
May 9, 2012