Turning 40

When I turned 40 I had this incredible urge to have both my nipples pierced. 

My wife was not at all keen but we decided that I would go down on Saturday if I was still interested.   That was about four days away. By Saturday I was definitely going to do it. 

I went down to the local Tattoo studio. I had already spoken to him and knew that I needed to remove the hair away from my nipples.  After preparing myself I was ready.  The tattooist took me into a back room which was very sterile.  He sprayed some numbing spray and the needle went straight through followed by the gold ring.  I looked down and was so impressed.  Very soon he did the same for the other nipple.  I felt the needle but the pain was quite bearable and quite a turn on.

They were the best things for great sex for many years.  If you are contemplating doing this; just do it.  You will not regret it.

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3 Responses Feb 19, 2010

I agree. I've had mine done for a long time now, in the 80s. I love them as much now as when I first did them.

Too right - makes them very sensitive so you will never regret it!

Oh yes,if your thinking about getting them done,do it.Its well worth it