A Chance Meeting In the Hot Spring

I was visiting a clothing optional hot spring resort in California.  I was on the deck, quite naked sitting next to a woman who was reading a magazine.  At one point I commented on how crowded it was that day (mid August).  That led us to strike up a conversation.  In the past I have had conversations in this same location there has never been any sexual implication, it was jsut two peopel who enjoy being naked in the presenc of otehr peopel talking to oen another.

After a half hour the hot sun displace the shade we were sitting it and I said I was moving to a shady location.  I mentioned where I would be in the hope that she would join me.  She had other plans and, since I really did not expect anything to happen, I moved to my new place, but I hoped that she would follow me.

After an hour or so, I "took a walk" in hope of finding her again...our conversation had been quite pleasant and we seemed to hit it off.  I found her in one of the pools sitting by herself.  She smiled as I approached. I sat next to her and she asked me how much longer I planned to be at the resort.  I said only a few hours.  Our conversation continued.

I noticed that she did not attempt to keep distance from me as the waves washed us gently back and forth.  I allowed my body to move closer to hers.  She did the same.  I place my hand on my thigh which was a few inches form hers.  She moved closer so that the back of my hand was against her thigh.  She made no attempt to move away. 

I moved my hand slowly across her thigh she still held her position. My hand came to rest on the inside of her thigh.  She smiled at me and continued whispering to me.

We stayed that way for a couple of minutes until she finally stood up, smiled at me an suggested we move to anther location where we could embrace (This is a very liberal resort).

We spend the afternoon kissing, caressing and holding each other until it was time to part.  We agreed not to meet as I am married and she “falls in love too easily".

My wife and I have had sex twice in 10 years.  This was ecstasy, and no, I do not regret it in the least.  I am loking for other opportunities.


freddie673 freddie673
1 Response Feb 25, 2009

If you divorce your wife, or just separate, you can have many of these experiences and much more fulfilling ones. Why not? I'm interested in your thought process.