No No No No

reason im saying no is, you cant judge me. because you dont know me, so before you go start telling me other wise remember, this is my story, i dont have to hear your bullshit about whats right and wrong.


if having sex on the second date sounds like casual sex then yeah ive had it. im ashamed of course, im not usually like that, ive NEVER been like that. that my first and only time, but i did it. i think the guy was more into me than i was into him. i felt bad cuz i sensed he was really happy thinking their was going to be an "us," but he never even tried to get to know me. he most of the time was just fascinated by how "pretty" i was, that gave out the hint that hes not gone on a lot of dates.

why did i do it you ask? to be honest..... i did it to feel something. im a lonely woman people!! and i never have anyone to just hold me, and if you want to be harsh about it, yes im saying i was desperate. i guess admitting this is kind of a punishment for myself. i know if i ever have casual sex again, at least like the guy. everyone told me its cuz i didnt know him well enough and i should do it with the one i "love." i dont disagree on that, but i dont fully check off casual sex either. you just got to LIKE them, know them more. that guy i had casual sex with i didnt even really like!

again, you cant judge me, you dont know me and this is my story, and i dont have to hear your bullshit.
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1 Response Jul 30, 2010

it was the second date. its not like you met up at a bar and had a one night stand after: that's casual sex