I Have Had Casual Sex

 Just let me note that personaly there is a difference between casual sex and one night stands. And well honestly I've done the casual sex thing and its not for me. Im not saying if you do your a horrible person Im jus saying there are certain people who can handle it and some people who cant. My experiences have led me to change my opinion on sleeping outside of relationships. Im not  saying Im  waiting until marriage or something like that I jus feel like I need to wait a couple months(  or however long ) it takes me trust the person.
I've been there  thinking its just sex and at the moment it is but sometimes it can be a bit bigger than that. Hence my experience of sleeping with someone that i did not know was married with a kid. When it becomes deeper is when you realize that sometimes its not only sex.

P.S. The casual sex ended as sooon as I found out. Im not that kind of girl. :)
applescruffs applescruffs
22-25, F
Aug 8, 2010