Window Guy

A couple of years ago we remodeled our home which included ordering different items for the house. Normally when a delivery guy comes by they are typically grubby looking, and not very attractive. Not this time.

I received a phone call from the window company stating that they would be dropping off our new windows late in the day and to make sure someone was home. No problem, one of us could be there. I went ahead and planned my day working around the house. I took time to have lunch and watch my favorite soap opera.

After an episode that was more amorous than usual, I needed to feel a little of that for myself. I retreated to my bedroom where I found my favorite toy. I was just about to drift off to sleep after a rousing episode, when the doorbell rang... I quickly composed myself, peaked out my window to see a large truck. Oh no, it must be the windows!

I didnt know what to do, I didnt want to answer the door, but I had no choice...Oh well, I pulled open the door and began to tell them they were 4 hours early, but oh my gosh, the delivery guy was a vision right out of the soap opera I was watching, his smile, his build, his beautiful hair and the greenest eyes I have ever seen. He looks at me. I know I was completely transparent in my desire and I felt he could tell what I had been doing! Once again, I found myself at a loss for words. He asked where I wanted it and stupid me, I respond with bedroom! What did I just say "Bedroom?" I meant the garage, but my mind and body could think of nothing else. I was so embarrassed.. He obviously could see I was perspiring and a little warm around the edges. What does he do, he starts playing with my mind and starts to flirt heavily. This went on for about 20 minutes and it was no use to resist, I grabbed him and pushed him against the cabinets in my kitchen. He offered little resistance. I pulled his shirt off and started rubbing my face and breasts against his rock hard pecks. He returned the favor by nibbling on my neck and grabbing my *** with both hands. His touch was incredible as he took control and preceded to make love to me with the just the right domination I was looking for. I had never made so passionate love, so forcibly as I just experienced. It was crazy, but it was beautiful as I felt so fulfilled. We finished and he had to go. He grabbed me, gave me a long and amazing kiss and thanked me for the "tip". I had to sit down and catch my composure as this was so not like me. I am not sure what came over me...I felt guilty - not guilty all day as I waited for my husband to get home. I have had episodes where he knew I was being pleasured, but this was the first time, it had gone this far. I wasn't sure what he would think. I hope he can handle it.. I know I did.....
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Jan 21, 2013