Seduced By A Hot Girl

So I went to a party with a group of people that I didn't know. My room mate brought me along because she didn't want to not know anyone there (like she has a hard time with strangers, ha!) It was actually a pretty good party with good drinks, especially considering it was basically a frat party. I figured I would enjoy myself, which I actually did.

Well as normal for my room mate, she went off with some people leaving me alone. I was dancing so it didn't really bother me. This really really attractive girl comes up to me and starts dancing with me. She kept bringing me drinks and hitting on me. It was completely obvious that she was into me and wanted to have a good time, and she didn't hide it at all. After dancing and getting really drunk, we slipped away into one of the bed rooms.

She got on top of me and started making out with me. It's a bit hard to remember things at this point in the night but I do remember her stripping my clothes off while taking hers off as well, all while making out with me. I can't remember her ever stopping. But after we were naked for a while I do remember her not being on top of me anymore. I felt her spread my legs so I was getting really excited, thinking she was going to go down on me. She moved her lips down to my nipples and was extremely gentle with kissing and licking them. It was like she was teasing me. And that's when I felt someone's **** slide into my *****.

At very first I thought it was a ***** or something, but when he pushed himself deep into me I felt his hair and even as drunk as I was, I knew it was a guy. I don't remember too much after that. I can remember myself moaning and I do remember when he suddenly stopped thrusting into me. I knew that he was ******* inside me but I was so drunk and turned on by her that I didn't care.

Next thing I knew it was the next morning and I was a horrible horrible head ache. I was still in the bed naked and I felt a little sore from the night before. After I managed to collect my clothes I left the room looking for my room mate. I asked one of the guys I saw her with last night and he told me that she was still sleeping in one of the other rooms. He then smirked and asked me if I had a good time last night.

He told me that the girl I was seduced by was dating the other guy and that she tries to bring every new girl up into that room. She gets off watching her boyfriend *** inside other girls. I wasn't quite sure how to take that. I didn't know if I was more annoyed that I was just the next girl in their conquest or that I didn't actually get to play with her much.

Regardless the next time me and my room mate went back there for a party, I saw that girl hitting on my room mate. I didn't say a word, figuring if it happened to me then it should happen to her too. She was the one who brought me there in the first place.

Ever since that night, those two have been hanging out with us. And that is how friendships are born lol
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Cool story!

Interesting that you didn't realise what was happening.....but great end result!!


Amber xx

Love the story.. i saw you said you are bi and I'm just curious if you've had any fun with a girl since this story? I had a 3some with my bf and now I'm dying to try 1-on-1 with a girl...

so what was she doing whilst her boyfriend was ******* you the first time?

It's hard to remember. Licking and kissing the both of us I think.

Mmmmmmmmmm very nice.

did you lick ***** ?

And did you get more time with her in the **********?

Yes I did! And it was worth the trouble :)

oh really? do tell!

Oh that's one story I won't be sharing here :P

Lol fair enough, i'll use my imagination then!!

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Very sexy! And has it happened since?

Not exactly but I have had ********** with those two a few times and I'm pretty sure my roomie has as well.

Hot stuff! Would love 2 hear more about that! Thanks again for a great post!

Did your roommate get ****** also?

Yes, she did.

by the same guy you did? That's sexy.

Yep. And we're all still pretty good friends. We all get together and go out 2-3 times a month still.

Did it turn you on knowing what was going to happen to her?

I have to admit that it kind of did, yes.

did you speak to them at all, or a knowing smile?

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this is one of the sexiest tales I've ever heard....

I love this story

wow... i like it!!!