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  I'd just started college two months previously and was just starting a relationship with my dorm roommate's older brother, who we'll call Jay. I was a virgin in all sense of the word and only because I'd never felt what I'd always called "that spark" for a boy, which I know to actually be sexual attraction. That was not the case with Jay. We talked more over the phone and internet in the beginning and that was a good thing, because despite the obviously blazing sexual attraction we had for each other, I didn't want to give up my v-card so soon in my first serious, out of high school relationship. That didn't last long.

  In an attempt to further along my relationship with her brother, my roommate suggested we go spend the night at his house to drink and hang out. I agreed, because the thought of drinking with everyone made me comfortable. I'd done more than my fair share of drinking in high school and was no stranger to it. So I wasn't intoxicated alone, I made everyone do lots of shots. Too many. We were all very drunk, Jay and I especially. At some drunken moment I found myself thinking it'd be cute and fun to tell him I needed to talk to him in private for a minute and be very serious about it as I pulled him into his room and then I'd kiss him. So I did that, but my drunken plan hadn't included the idea that us being drunk and alone in his dark room might lead to more than just a kiss.

  The rest of the night, the night I lost my virginity, is really blurry to me. I vaguely remember the kiss becoming more passionate than I'd planned and then some of his clothes were off and then I was on his bed with him and removing my last garment of clothing. I remember bits and pieces of the actual event, but I remember stopping to go throw up, being so drunk i decided to brush my teeth with his tooth brush before going back, i remember hearing my chemical romance playing from the living room where his friends were, but not what song, and I remember my roommate-his sister-coming in to go to the bathroom to throw up while we were in the middle of....and if that wasn't bad enough, one of his friends, who wasn't nearly as drunk as his sister was, came in to stand by the bathroom door and make sure she was ok, and decided to make conversation with us while he stood there....(obviously we had stopped when his sister came in, although he did try to persuade me not to). It was incredibly awkward the next morning when I stepped out of his room and his friend and sister-my roommate-were sleeping in the living room just outside the door and not being drunk I realized they'd probably heard everything they didn't see....

  That was my "magical" night when I lost my virginity, lol, and I wouldn't change it for the world. It was awkward as hell with the other people being there and all, it was too soon in the relationship,and I probably shouldn't have been super drunk for such an important life experience, but it was perfect that way. Me being so drunk when that happened is what made it so perfect. I wasn't shy or awkward and although I was sore the next morning, it didn't hurt that night. All I felt that night was drunk and amazingly happy.

  Since my first time having drunk sex I've found that I do enjoy it a lot, and I've gotten drunk just to have drunk sex. Also, being a virgin of course my three best friends were virgins, and I encouraged them to have a few drinks before they lost their v-card to make things go more smoothly. Two of the three did and agreed it made it better while the one who didn't complained her first time was awkward and painful. lol. So that's my story.
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Nice story as I really liked sex while girl is drunk. its just ******* awesome .