Crazy Night With Backstory (long)

Back Story (Long)..
Me and my best friend (Joe) met this girl (Vicki) and we pretty much became best friends with her on the spot. That's the kind of guys me and my best friends are. We're very open and not afraid to just have fun doing whatever. We're also very sensitive and caring and we know when to be serious. Me and Joe had been at this girl's house pretty much for a month or so straight just hanging out and watching movies and all of us cuddling (we're not gay) and it was all a very loving relationship between the three of us.
Well Joe and Vicki start becoming a bit closer and I'm cool with this even though I have some pretty strong feelings for her but its more because she has amazing qualities, she has one of the biggest hearts I've ever seen, shes fun to hang with and its never boring, I hang with her and we can do whatever and I'll never be bored, shes very attractive-about 5"7..skinny..small but nice ****/***..tan..she looks like the average hot cheerleader which she did competitions/high school cheerleading..Big thing though is she loves her son and she is completely devoted which I find extremely attractive.....let me get back on track here, so despite my feelings for her I was completely okay with how close they were getting but I knew it was going to be a sticky situation cause Joe has a gf (Katie).
One of me and Joe's best friends (Rob) came back from the Army for a about a week due to a funeral and we introduced him to Vicki cause she became out best friend too. Rob has a fiancee but hes been venting to us that he isn't sure if shes as serious as he is and maybe that he is just settling. So after Rob leaves to go back to the Army I give Vicki his number and they've been talking, a bit flirty and a bit connecting she confessed to me that she finds him attractive and that she admires that he has his stuff together and his head on straight and hes a great guy (which I agree, best friend since 3rd grade).. I told her that I was okay with all that but I'm more protective of him than I am of Joe and since I rob has a fiancee I just worry about him. She said it was cool and that its nice I was looking out for my friend and she completely understands..
Well things came to head between Joe and Vicki with Joe breaking up with his GF for her, Vicki didn't wanna date and to have friendship ruined so she told him to get back with Katie which he did that same day. He told Katie about his feelings and everything but shes decided to let it go and forgive him considering he did not cheat and came clean about it..
A little bit later Vicki and I were planning to go down to Georgia with her son to see Rob for a few days, cause she wanted to get away for a bit and hes my best friend. She let it slip to Joe that we're going and later told me that she was a little worried that he might get jealous or whatever and I agreed but it was already out there. Katie got mad that he was going with her and didn't ask her to go along which is understandable. Vicki seeing this as a problem in their relationship and thinking it was her fault decided to go meet Katie and try to smooth things over and become friends...This is where it gets tricky and where my "drunk sex story begins" and I apologize for the very long backstory, I was mainly venting I guess but if you read it thanks

So where I left off on the back story is when Vicki talks to Katie about the trip and trying to get the whole "you've been hanging out with my BF and I don't know you" kind of thing. The whole meeting thing went well in my opinion. We were all there, Joe, Vicki, Katie, and myself. It wasn't my place to be there but it was a spur of the moment thing and I just happen to be in the car playing with her son in the backseat hahaha but the same night they met me and Vicki we're talking and she told me that Katie wanted to hang out tomorrow and just get to know each other and have a girl's day or whatever. Vicki was a little sketched out about it but because of her friendship with Joe tried to give it a go.
Next rolls around and I wake up to people screaming in my window which I keep open when I sleep, its around 6 P.M and I had taken an hour or so nap and it was Vicki and Katie at my window telling me to come outside and which I did. Me and Vicki live across the street from each other which is why they can just come yell in my window. Joe arrives not too long after I go over and he originally didn't want them hanging out and being buddy buddy. So I'm in Vicki's kitchen getting everyone a pop and I see a few smirnoffs and I asked if I could have one which I got an okay from. So here I am the only one drinking and Katie comes in and sees it and she jokingly proposes that we all drink together that night and I said I was down for but I'm almost down for anything. She goes and talks to Vicki and Joe and Vicki says yeah lets do it but Joe reluctant as ever says its cool but he had to go do homework (pre med). We all beg him to bring it back here and hang with us. After some goading he agrees. We stay there to watch both Vicki's son and Katie's two daughters while they went and bought drinks. They come back with another 6pack of smirnoff ice, a bottle of 99 bananas, and a bottle of vodka. When they get back I ride over to Joe's with him to get his stuff and he voices another objection to this whole situation and I told him I understood.
By this time I have a little voice in the back of my head saying this isn't right as Joe usually is sound of mind and almost I trust his judgement over a lot of others but it wasn't really my place to say so all I could do is kinda agree with him and just talk about the situation while we were driving.
We get back and they're both dressed up looking real cute (forgot to mention but Katie is really attractive also) and they had already started drinking. Joe starts to do his HW and I grab another smirnoff ice which by that time I already had bout three from earlier and a glass of the 99 bananas. Me, Katie, and Vicki are all having a good time dancing and whatnot and Katie's daughters were there having fun with us (not drinking, they're around 6 or 7). We had a few of our younger neighbors over who we constantly talk with (around 15) but we didn't let them drink.
Some more than half this bottle of 99 bananas and a good bit out of the vodka bottle was downed by us the younger teens left and Katie's daughters were playing with Vicki's and the three of us who were drinking are a bit drunk. Vicki and Katie go outside for a smoke and I'm talking to Joe who is making fun of me cause sometimes I get red when I drink which I've heard is cause I'm Japanese (Asian Flush lol) but I go outside cause hes making fun of me so I'm outside drinking a smirnoff which I was the only one drinking in top of the 99 and vodka. While outside Katie is sitting on Vicki and they start kissing and groping each other, hands in and up clothes..much to my amusement.

A bit later, Vicki is in her room and she calls for either me or Joe and I go back cause Joe is watching the kids cause we were all wasted. Katie walks with me back into the room and I pretty much just fall on the bed with Katie following suit. I'm behind Vicki who I start cuddling up with (its habit) and Katie is infront of her. They start making out and it looks like more than just drunk kisses but heavy making out and groping and its getting pretty intense. So me laying behind Vicki and being a young fellow that I am I start lightweight messing with Vicki just to test the waters and shes getting into it and I'm avoiding touching Katie at all cause its my best friends girl. There's a bout a 10 min lapse in my memory but Katie ends up leaving so its me and Vicki laying there.. both of us are still horny we started making out and groping and I do my best to get my pants off and I got her thong off.. all of which was fun cause we're drunk and still having a great time.. we start going at it and we're both getting into it and its getting crazy, shes biting me all over over pulling on my lip and tongue ring and we start rolling off the bed. Luckily the mattress is directly on the floor so we didn't really go to far and shes pushing my head down and I love going down on chicks so I easily start biting and kissing on her nipples and sides and stomach leaving marks the whole way down. I going down on here doing my thing (albeit going a little more crazier at then usual) and shes grinding her hips. During one or two movements, I can't remember clearly, my tongue ends up going over her ******* much to my surprise. I've never done it before but I have though about it but it was the first time doing it and she was really getting into it so I kept on doing it. Since it was new to me I was getting really turned on by it. So we start going back at it with her on top and she has her hand around my neck and being very controlling which is extremely hot to me. I decide to change it up and hold her down which she loves. Somehow we end up on the otherside of the room with me knocking a drink over and my hair getting wet. Shes on top of me again and playing with my **** and she does something completely unexpected.. she starts playing with my *******. I move her hands away a few times I've never done it before but eventually she has my hands down with one hand which I'm stronger but I was getting turned on with her being controlling and shes continually pushing the limits on what I'll let her do.. It ended up her licking a finger and pretty much as you can guess. She did this for a little while with me being resistant but gradually enjoying it (much to my surprise). We bit more later and I end up getting her back with the same treatment which she loved. A bit more with us switching positions. By this time I'm sobering up (I don't stay drunk or high for more than a few hours) and we end up finishing. Throughout all this Katie came in a few times, one time to change which was kinda awkward but I remember looking out the door when Katie came in and saw Joe, this whole time we didn't stop. Weird thing was is Katie smacked my *** a few times while I was inside Vicki. The whole session lasted about and hour and half. I go out and sit on the couch with Joe and feeling bad I randomly ask him if he wants to punch me in the face. I tell him I'm sorry as I knew he had feelings and everything but he said we were cool. Everyone ended up leaving and Joe being visibly upset and I go home and get about an hour sleep then wake up. Vicki calls me around 4 AM and I go over. We go back on a recap of the night, putting together our distorted memories. Me and her hooked up again while being sober.

So next day, Vicki calls me bawling her eyes out and telling me to come get Joe's stuff. I go over and shes frantic moving around cleaning and doing whatever. She tells me Joe doesnt wanna be friends and I read a text he sent her and it was about betraying trust and telling secrets and more along those lines. I'm trying to calm her down telling her she did nothing wrong and that Joe was out of line. Despite being my best friend I was a little mad he made a girl I had strong feelings for cry. She kept apologizing to me and she had been apologizing to Rob (Army dude). She felt bad cause they had been talking and he had made all these plans for when we got down there and he was so excited. Me and Rob being best friends so long and behaving so very similar are empathetic with her and we're not mad at her whatsoever. Rob is still down in Georgia, he was on the phone the whole time. After a bit of me comforting her and a lot of hugs and back rubs. I get a few laughs out of her and shes calmed down.
She asked me to call Joe and ask him to come over so we can all talk..I call and I eventually convince him to come over to at least let her apologize in her person. He comes over and we all sit down and we get Rob on the phone as Vicki felt it had to do with all of us. After intense talks they went back into her room. I wasn't trying to evesdrop but the walls are thin and I could her crying and them talking about stuff. I tune it out and talk to Rob. A bit later they come out and he pulls me off the couch. At this point I thought he was going to punch me which I was ready for and I wasn't going to fight back. He grabs me and hugs me and then Vicki joins in on the hug. We stand there for a good little bit and I was like " I love you guys". They both had tears in their eyes and everything is good again.
Joe's not going to be over as much as he used to be and I'm still going over there just as much. We're also going to go see Rob next weekend. They might hook up which sucks cause being a heartthrob I am my already existing feelings just intensified. She knows how I feel but I also told her I'm a big boy and if something happens between them nothing is going to change. We'll have to see whats going to happen in the future but I'm not going to let feelings get in the way of friendships.

**Sidenote: Vicki's sister now hates me due to me hooking up with her about a week ago. She thinks I'm a player for hooking up with her and her sister. I'm not like that and I didn't plan on having sex with either of them.
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