Dirty Dancing

"You just have to try a screaming ******!" she'd shouted to me over the music. And so I had. I liked it -- it was something with Baileys and a LOT of cream. And it made me very, very dizzy. I was swaying back and forth, I was sure. I'd reached that pleasant level of drunk where one more would make me very sick and it was as though Emma knew. She slipped an arm around me and pulled me towards the dance floor. "Come on!" she yelled.

I followed and she spun me round so that she stood behind me, her hands rested on my hips as she swayed against me and I mimicked what I could feel of her movements. The song was something random, Cooler Than Me, I think. She leaned in close to my shoulder and giggled against my ear. It was then that I realised the feel of her pressed against my back was making me a little horny.

I could feel her breasts, large but pert against my back, and her hands were gently caressing my hips. Her breath against my neck sent shivers through me and I frowned to myself. I could always appreciate an attractive woman, but I never really got turned on by them. At least, not like this.

The black g-string I had slipped on under my dress was getting quite wet, and I realised that my ***** felt hot. I'd never done anything with a woman, but I already knew I was going to try it. I turned, kicking myself internally and knowing that I was about to be rejected but the thrill of it was making things low in my body tingle.

I slid my hands up around her waist and around her, down over her lower back and towards her ***. It wasn't particularly firm, but it was full and round and I gave her a gently squeeze. Her blue eyes met mine with a look of surprise, but she didn't pull away. One hand went to my side, and then I felt the other cup my breast nervously. 

Before we could decide that it was a bad idea, I leant in and kissed her full on her pretty mouth. Gently at first, and then a little harder. Her grip on my breast tightened and the hand on my waist pulled me closer. Then she began to return the kiss, her tongue slipping into my mouth to find mine and roughly she massaged hers against mine.

Leaving one hand on her ***, I reached up to grab a handful of her hair and pulled it. She jerked back from me and caught my eye again, but from the look she gave me, she was enjoying this. She attacked me with her mouth, tongue viciously seeking mine as her hands explored the curves of my body before she bit my lower lip and tugged on it. My **** was swollen against my panties, and I felt tight with excitement. I wondered how wet Emma was, and decided that I wanted to find out. As she pinched my nipple through the fabric of my dress, I slid my hand up under her dress to feel her. 

My fingers met with her hot, wet ***** and for a moment I was shocked. She was not wearing underwear. Then I realised that this was much to my advantage and she had not pulled away. She gasped against my mouth and I felt her panting as she pressed her chest against mine, moving her mouth to my ear, "Touch me." She said.

I was sure we were being watched, but I couldn't have cared any less. It felt amazing as I slipped a finger inside her tight, wet hole. I thought I heard her whimper against my ear and she began to kiss down to the nape of my neck. I moved my finger back and forth, and moved my thumb to flick back and forth over her ****.
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Hot and yummy ! 2 hotties on the dance floor ! growl !

hot story