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Tim, Roommate of my boyfriend, jamie video-taped me having sex with him in his dorm room last Tuesday. Next day, confronted me with this **** video and coerced me to have sex with him for deleting the tape. I obliged. But hey, i enjoyed the meat he had to offer. Was way big and larger than my bfs. He taped this whole thing too.. Now i am in a mess. I am not into this and told him that i wont be coming. But he insisted that this wud be the last one. Dont know, but my heart tingled on thinking of having his large and big c*ck, thumping and pounding me hard. I gave into his request. Went to this guy's dorm where he was waiting for me. gave me some **** vodka. Started off smoothly, was riding his c*** after giving him a ******* but what the heck i didnt knew, the door was open. 2 hunky guys entered the room. Covered my naked body somehow with the bed sheet, I told tim WTF these guys are doing here.. he calmed me down. Told me that he meant me to enjoy what he has to offer. i told him to shut up and send those guys out. But they didnt listened. within minutes those guys were naked with their hot rolled meats out. I became their slave that day. I gave all of me. Had it doggy style, with one tight meat in my hand. and the other hot head in my mouth. Something happened and the next moment i was gyrating to their rhythmic movements. The first day i ever experienced ******. OMG.. earth shoook and i gave in more. It continued the whole night. These guys are great. I gave into their pleasures this saturday too. My Bf is still ignorant of this. He loves me a lot.. Am i wrong in seeking these worldly pleasures? please help..

i didn't wanted to lose my bf. i asked him will he be interested if my friend sheena comes tonight at his place. he resisted first, but is excited now. may be i can ask him d favor back, after that. bye for now. will post again, thanks all for giving me d idea.

me, my frnd and my bf had a fantastic night together.
we girls just killed him, he had no words describing the excitement he had wen i was watching him banging my frnd.
as u have suggested, i will try and bring up d idea during foreplay of me, him and tim having a night together.
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enjoy it!

probably he will be upset ,maybe even break up but if he doesn't know you are taking a chance of him finding out.Maybe wait awhile and see how things play out.Sounds like you had fun though/