Mhmm Which Is Yet Another Reason Why I Don't Drink Anymore :p

I had the intentions of having sex with my best guy buddy at the time, don't get me wrong. But I was so nervous and afraid of it killing our friendship that I got shitfaced. I'm surprised I remembered it I was so damn drunk. It was a great experience though. I had fun and out of the few people I'd been with, he was by far the best, because I was so comfortable, although that may have been the alcohol lol It went on for awhile til the alcohol got a hold of me and I went and sat in a cold shower hahaha. Then I got out and fell asleep well passed out. And woke up a few hours later it now being three or four in the morning and I was still drunk and then went for round two lol Then I passed out for good, I don't remember much from the next day. I was drunk half of it lol and indirectly made my friend a little horny who was asleep out in the living room and she started having sex dreams, hahahaha
I enjoyed it and would never do it again strangely enough, but he will never give up :P Still good friends with him, but that happened three years or so ago and he still will not let it go :( :P
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You should give him another chance but not drunk