One Drunk Stranger

I was driving home from work one night late when I saw this woman stagger and then fall on her knees. I stopped and got out thinking she hurt herself.
I heard her vomiting. I went over and placed my hand on her back asking her if she wanted help. She slurred her words talking about her husband.
As she was talking she fell trying to get up finding my hand on her small breast. She was wearing jeans and tshirt. She didnt stop talking. I rubbed her breast and she calmed a little . Kind of sighing as I unhooked her bra.
I slid my hand under her shirt pinching a nipple her breath caught. Both hands lifted her shirt cupping her boobs squeezing and rubbing . She said I shouldnt do that, she was married.
My hand strayed down to her pants zipper. Her hand stopped mine but I lowered her zipper. U cant she said her breathing raspy.
My fingers went in, and lowered her panties, rubbing into her furry labia. Finding her **** I circled it softly.
No, no, mmm oh god she says.
Adding pressure to her **** feeling her getting wet.
She was moaning now. I unsnapped her jeans. Rubbing faster. She tenses shes close. I begin to push her pants down. She stops me, whispering no not here.
I dont stop rubbing her **** as we walk to my car.she pushes me away and takes her pants and panties down bending over.
**** me she whispers.
I pull my **** out rubbing the head against her *****, shoving it slowly in. stroking in and out slow till I ***.
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41-45, M
Jun 17, 2012