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Wasted Sex


I one time back in 97 I went to a girl I knew from work house party, I was wayyy underage and was trying to blend in with the older crowd so I got wasted, Like I was bombed out of my mind i dont remember what i drank ate or anything, but i remember I was spitting the best game of my life to this older lady, and we end up have great drunken sex i mean it was outstanding. the next morning i woke up and the woman i was having sex with was her mom

siggy10 siggy10 31-35, M 6 Responses Jul 17, 2008

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Cancel do have an old soul...but you totally rock it!

Yeah they are attracted to me the who Old Soul thing

you got busy with quite a few older ladies, huh?

Thanks, i know you would have done the same thing too

You sir are my hero!!!!!!!!!

Yea i still talk to her from time to time and shes always ask me why does my mom smile whenever i mention talking to u im like i dont know LOL