Many times in college I was drunk and having sex. I encouraged it and sought it.
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love to hear the stories ;)

They are so much fun..esp wen you wake up in the morning

Plenty of times.

that is what college is for. But that doesn't mean you are older. That those good times don't have to stop. Live it to the fullest girl

Thank you hun.

Your welcome. So of your college times what was the wildest. That ever happened

Oh sweetie. There were weird times. Fun times. Exciting times. Unforgettable and forgettable times.

Amen to that. Many sweet memories. have you tried to relive any of them or no

Yes. I have tried but now it doesn't take as much to get me drunk.

And why get drunk. Just let the good times roll.

Oh I was just keeping with the theme of the story.

And a good theme it is. ;)

Harkens back to a time ago.

The good old college days ;)

They were and I did well.

you must have been the best entertainment of the parties you went to

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So did I.

So sexy

How about now?

I'm better at it sober, but drunk is fun! Please add me?


Didn't we all do It?

If you ever want to do it again, drunk or sober, give us a call.

And on behalf of myself and the rest of the football team, we thank you for doing so.

You guys were great and I tried to go shall out for y'all.

Thank ya so much miss! You did, after all, take 11 for the team!

Anything to help.

I never had sex in college, but I got drunk a lot. I was in a Fraternity.

Your not to old to you know ;) Bacardi dear?

Bacardi, PJ, everclear, Smirnoff etc.

I drank a lot in college.

One of the reasons I should've went lol

would loved to be in college with you :)

Although sex is sex , I'm not one to be picky, I've always found drunken sex much less fulfilling. Ya both do it and then pass out. Not a lot of creativity there... but, don't hold that against me, I'm always open to new things!😉


Wow, that could have been such a good story but you left out all the details and i am left hanging and wondering somany things.

wish I had gone to college with you...