Inability To Do Math

had 20 ect treatments then tried the bogus tms for which i paid out of pocket -- all for fatigue from a physical disease which i kept insisting was fatigue & not depression but, hey, what do i know? it's only my body & my brain!!! doctors!!!

in any event i find that not only have i lost old memories, but my capacity for storing new memories seems to be impaired in ways that i do not yet understand

and my rleationship to numbers is severely impaired, e.g., will go to the wrong address, having transposed #'s that i have in my mind and am totally incapable of balancing my checking account


anyone know how to correct this?
stjoan stjoan
2 Responses Dec 11, 2011

I have had similar struggles, worse in some way...just wondering, has there been any improvement in memory, or being able to do math? Did you have unilateral, or bilateral? Did the ECT help at all thanks!


How long has it been since you had ECT? Maybe some of those mind games to increase brain activity might help. The AARP website has some. They are mainly designed for older people to help keep their brains active, but they might help repair the damage. <br />
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Another thing I am trying is brainwave audio files or CDs. Supposedly, the binaural beats of the recording help the brain grow new dendrites. The CDs come with a warning that one should not use them if one has ever been psychotic or has had seizures. I was never psychotic, and the only seizures I had were from ECT, so I have been trying them. They do seem to help me --more with emotional issues, but I am hoping for brain repair.