I Was Not read By Doctor.he Couldnot Make Out What I was Really going through.

I was staying in Residential School as my parents was abroad.I was suffering with OCD since childhood (This was the disease I came to know two years back only).I dont know what happening to me? Even I couldnot know to express it my parents and relatives and even myself.It really hindered my life while I was studying Plus two(Before Engineering).I had come up with Depression too.However I passed Plus two.After completion of Plus Two I had been brought back to my mothers home for vacation. I didnt explain to anybody there.Because I was shy too.I secretely met Psychartist and he prescribed me medicine that couldnt help me out. This too ,I didnt tell anybody as I thought they might think bad of me . Then I went to other state college to pursue my degree.The problem trigerred.Nothing external but internal that restricit me to perform.I met another doctor there,had medicine. Kept on visiting him.. Finally I said him ,"I have been suffering since four years,Can I cure completely"?He immediately replied sure,adviced me to go for ECT. I called my Uncle as my parents were abroad.My uncle came down to hospital with some other relatives told doctor they would decide and inform.The very next day I went to my native alongwith my uncle .There we met counsellors and advised shouldnt take medicine.After one month I returned to join college.The problem trigerred again.I met the same doctor where I met earlier , given ECT 8 times alternatively. Before that he promised me to relieve the disease as soon as ECT administered. I was convinced too and passively indulge me to take that heinous action.I lied to receive money from my Uncle  for this heinous treatment..So finally I thought that was a last resort.I was never referred to other oppinion,never given CBT with medication.The Doctor never received a written statement from my Guardian before this treatment.Oh my friends ,After ECT, the real problem happen,Severe pain,Hair Loss, loss of hope, no need to live any more because I had ECT(no suicidal feeling),not interested to going out for a job,not willing to marry as I had ECT.My dear frnds,PLZ never go for ECT if you suffering with OCD+Depression,, you need CBT+Medication.
My severe feeling is if I could get Cognitive behaviour theraphy and medication I would have escape ECT. Why doctor given me ECT without directing CBT. Why he advised me going for ECT.Why he was in a hurry to convince me to go for ECT.I was told 16,000 Rs that I paid him directly. After years of being ECT,I make out my real primary problem was OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) followed by depression.Why the doctor didnt makeout what I was going through on that time.
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it is so difficult to find the right dr. with the right treatment! that's why they call it "practicing" medicine. it is possible that with CBT or DBT you could have avoided that treatment. I know I would not have survived that long.

There is not relief for you condition; there are only ways of coping with. We all have some form of function that handicaps do different levels. I too have OCD and found a career in data base management was over whelming but very satisfying when I got control of the data.

After losing my job due to downsizing, I spun into darkness and became a frustrated soul. As I want to have everything in my life in it’s; place, organized and in order, I gave up on this, because I no longer cared for that or myself. I am now better and when I am feeling grand the entire house gets cleaned and organized. Even when all is not where it should be I know where everything is, even after others use it, because I know how they work too. I only have three people in the house and one is 10, so it is not a huge deal, or at least not an unmanageable scenario, so I hope.