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I am 35 and have spent yrs taking meds.  None of them seem to work so my dr recomedend ect i was scared but so desprite for any kind of help.  i went into hospital and proceeded threw the preliminary the iv the history and the questions.  as they wheeled me into the or i felt my nerves getting the best of me. i woke up feeling the same my fiance braught me home i went straight to bed. about 130am i woke up a completly diferent person. i dont watch tv like i use to i was a real couch potatoe. i dont have those constant sad feelings.  I do have some memory loss and confusion but all in all i think it has helped me. i have a lil boy and he can see a difrence in his mommy and to me i would go through anything just so he can have a great mommy. i now go for ect once a week and then it will get less down to every two weeks. i feel like i did yrs ago before all the abuse and pain i realy feel good.

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I am seriously considering ECT and would love to talk to someone who has had it and had success with it. Please message me if you're willing to talk about it. Thanks! Wendy

has anyone experienced seizures post ECT treatment

I am due to start ECT on July 2, 2012. I am very nervous. Currently, I am taking many depression and anxiety pills. However, I am not having any major depressive episode. I have struggled with major depression while taking these meds and I am tired of taking them 2x daily and for soooo many years. My psychiatrist has encouraged me to do unilateral ECT from the very beginning. She is convinced it will help me and my situation. I have tried to commit suicide more than once during my life. So, I am convinced it will help, too. Yet, I am scared about the memory loss and have heard both good and bad things. I've heard enough bad things and would love to hear more success stories and positive experiences. Please respect this... Thanks

I had it when I was 14 1/2 years old. i lost some of my memory . but was able to graduate h. school being the top of my class. I was able to graduate from Jr. College with honors. I was able to be a wife and Mommy until 2007. Then my health made move away and divorce my husband. I keep in touch with my kids and talk to them several times a week. My heath is poor , but i am doing well with my bipolar, and depression due to my meds and counselling. Don't give up, Be patient, recovery takes time. God bless,

Did you do the ECT treatment? How are you doing now? I hope you are feeling better! Depression is such a devastating illness. I am seriously considering ECT now, my last psychiatrist recommended it but I decided to try more meds. I don't know how my new psychiatrist feels about it. He hasn't brought it up. But I don't think I can handle trying any more meds now.

Your story sounds really similar (except not fiancee or child). I have the first of the logistics appts tomorrow. People who think it's extreme don't know what it's like to not have any other options like us. Will you have all the full series of treatments? (you obviously don;t have to say - or could message me).<br />
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So happy for you....<br />
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Congrats on your positive outcome! I'm so glad your son has his mommy back. As for myself I underwent 6 sessions of ect and had a similiar outcome to yours. Although I have some memory loss. It's just a stepping stone in my life. I'm far happier and can see the beauty before my eyes. I'm now able to enjoy my family and watch us grow. So cheers to you Foolish! How about a new name? You are no fool to me...lol

I am currently experiencing the disappointment of having yet another medication "poop out" on me — after working great for 3 months, it just stopped and I am severely depressed again. I am seriously considering ECT and would love to talk to someone who has had it. Please message me if you're willing to talk about it. Thank you!

Whats Ect?<br />
Sorry for my ignorance :)

"Electro-convulsive Therapy" It involves giving the person a general anasthetic and a drug that temporarily paralyses them then passing an electric current through the brain. The result of the curent passing through the brain would normally be that the person has a seizure or fit. However, because of the paralysing effect, the fit kind of only happens in the brain and the body doesn't convulse. ECT has had a bad image: I know it sounds pretty terrible, the idea of putting electricity through someone's brain but the current is tiny: less than a hundredth of the current used to defibrillate the heart for example. Also, the evidence for the safety of ECT is much sounder than the evidence for the safety of most medications, psychiatric or otherwise. ECT has been around since the 1930s so heaps of data has accumulated. Also there's no mega drug company that stands to make big bucks out of ECT so the researchers aren't under pressure to "massage" the figures (like they did with thalidomide for example). There's an old book and film called One Flew Over the Cookoo's Nest. Book's author Ken Keesy based it on his experiences working in a psychiatric hospital in the 1950's and included a depiction of ECT. That was before they invented the paralysing drug (suxamethasone: inspired by the traditional South American arrow head poison currare) and the patient had to be manually restrained. As the movements in a convulsion are very powerful this would take at least four strong men an the patient would writhe terribly in their clutches: a very violent scene. This was a whole generation's first impression of ECT and first immpressions last!