I Know I Am Not the Only One

i know i am not the only one who has had ECT. but i had another round of it. it sucked ***. as it always does. but in the gran scheme of things i have to say it did help my depression. i hate it. i hate thinking about it, knowing i have to have it, recovering from it. it all sucks. but it did help. so i am contradicting myself, who cares? i am the only one in this group anyway.

metalgirl99 metalgirl99
36-40, F
1 Response Apr 8, 2009

I've had maintenance treatments for over a year. They do suckass, everything but the nurse who's an angel on earth. They've helped my depression too. I listen to music on the way to the hospital to help ease the anxiety and it helps. Then when I'm in the waiting room I think of a song I just heard to try to keep my mind off what I'm about to experience. About my nurse: can you try to find one positive thing about the experience and repeat it in your mind whenever you think about going for the next treatment?