Is one of those day where I could throw some personal belongings in the car, drive off and not look back!
Southernman48 Southernman48
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Yes, that sense of responsibility drags you back every time. I always wrestle with all the pros and cons of how everyone would manage without me ... and my conclusion is that they wouldn't ... so I don't ever actually pack my bag.

I have some time off to look forward to this week, so I will be able to run away for a short time, hopefully enough to be able to recharge and move through.<br />
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Even though I do feel like running; I have to much of a sense of responsibility to do it. <br />
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destry, yuor very lucky to have your kids to keep you grounded.

Yes, it is very tempting ... <br />
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I've had many times in the past nine months or so where I've been close to running away. I've left and spent the night at a girlfriend's house on one occasion which actually does help clear the air, at least it did that time.<br />
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But it's awful to feel trapped in your home situation ... where you should feel most content and safe. It can be very disturbing.

True, it doesn't solve the old saying you can run but you can't hide, it will always be there just over your shoulder.<br />
And yet there are times it's so tempting!

I know and understand this feeling southernman. Sometimes it just gets too much to deal with and you have to take a break away. It's tempting not to look back ... but it probably wouldn't solve anything in the long run ... running away rarely does.