Possible Relief!

Hi All, I believe that I have found something to help, it has been working for me for a month now and I hope it helps others too. My boyfriend took me to Cancun for a few days to rest and escape and when we first arrived I was about to tear the skin off my shins they itched so badly. My first day there I went in the ocean and felt immediate relief, by day 2 the swelling had gone down and by day 3 the rashes and bruises were completely gone. Since being back I have been taking a bath every single day with Epson Salts, and it has kept it at bay. I was away last week for a few days in a hotel that didn't have a bathtub, by day 2 the itching was back and the red bumps were starting to reappear, as soon as I got home I took another Epson Salt bath and it cleared up again the next day.

I have been using a heavy salt concentration and it's been amazing. Try 3 cups of Epson Salt in your bath, after a few days you should see relief. Please let me know if this works for you like it did for me. I have ordered Dead Sea Salts from Israel and hope that these are even stronger.

I hope this helps...

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Thank you!!!! :) I will try this too! I"ve found that diet changes (paleo) and turmeric supplements also help!

How long do you have stay in the bath?

I'm trying for sure! I hope it works for me too!
Thank you!

I hope that it helps you too.. Please keep me posted.....

I will!!! Where did you order the dead sea salts from?

I will try this tonight!!! Thank you! I'm so happy that you found something that works for you. I just hope it works for me.
Thank you!!!!

Hi Pam, can you catch me up, did it soaking in the epsom salt help your EN? I have my fingers crossed that it did for you what it's done for me.....