Erythema Nodosum?

I'm 38 years old and it looks like I, too, have erythema nodosum.

It started about 7 weeks ago, I noticed this lumpy looking thing on my shin but it didn't seem to be a bruise. After 2 weeks I went to urgent care one day after work (I'm a teacher) because I can never get to a doctor with a full time job and three kids of my own...anyway they sent me to the ER because they thought it was a blood clot. One sonogram later and no, it's not a blood clot. They diagnosed me as having a bruise and sent me home.

A week later it hadn't improved like a bruise usually does AFTER THREE WEEKS so I went to my PCP. He exclaimed "OMG it's an infection!" and gave me Keflex (for strep).

Three days later my 10 year old gets lice (because who doesn't like to work full time with three kids and play Medical Monopoly) and I take her to urgent care. While there, I had the doc look at my now WORSE leg. He put me on Bactrim. He said it was probably staph, no wonder Keflex wasn't working.

Two days later I went to the ER with a fever and feeling like crap and my leg looked like it was going to explode.

They hospitalized me, telling me it was MRSA and put me on Vancomysin, administered by IV.

I was in the hospital for 5 days and off work for a week. THen the Infectious disease people came in and told me it was simply a rash. Go and see a dermetologist, they said.

So, upon my release from the hospital, I went to my dermetologist. He put me on bedrest and said it looked like Erythema Nodosum. He did bloodwork, too.

But bedrest with a full time job, three kids, one of whom got lice AGAIN is impossible. So I didn't really rest.

Ended up in the ER again this past Wednesday night. They gave me Vancomycin but said it was probably Erythema Nodosum. And I need a biopsy (which I had been asking for since the hospital, BTW)

So the next day I went to the dermetologist again and he put me on bedrest and off of work for two weeks (which I have been honoring this time through...lice is GONE.) I was to get a biopsy THAT DAY but the surgeon screwed me over so now I'm going in on Tuesday for a biopsy.

I'm so annoyed, it's just getting worse, it's getting bigger, and I just want a damn biopsy! If it is EN, I will have to go off of birth control. That's not cool, I don't want any more kids! So that's my last resort.

I'm annoyed because work is mad at me, my family thinks I'm just sitting around having fun, and a lot of people think I'm making it up because they've never heard of it before.

WHo would make this up? Do they think I willed these ugly things all over my legs?

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1 Response Oct 28, 2012

I have EN, I have had it for over 15 years...and it made me smile to know that someone understands how I feel. Especially the part about people thinking your making it up, or you just laying around having fun. I have had the biopsy and all it did was confirm that it was EN and all I am left with is a scar and still no answers. So I just manage when I have a flare up and hope that the lumps are the worst of it.

I\'ve had EN since I was 18, best part of 20 years. I tend to get it once a year but not always at the same time of year. I\'ve been told I\'ve got it because of an anti-nuclear antibody in my blood. I\'ve been to hell and back with it. I did try steroids but find that they just mask it whilst you are taking them and as soon as you stop them, if you\'ve not been taking them long enough to cover the period of time it would take to go on it\'s own, it will flare up again. As this is hard to judge, I now take anti-inflammatory tablets but they don\'t seem to work until the inflammation is at it\'s worst, usually about 10 days in. I too have the feeling that people around me don\'t appreciate how bad you feel and look at you gone out because they have not heard of it. It is so frustrating. I tend to just keep going as I find staying at home with my legs up for days on end is even more depressing because you are aware of it. Also my workplace would not let me be off for a long period of time. It\'s a nightmare.