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It ALL started about three weeks ago, I was at work and felt sore in the exact same spot on each of my shins. It felt as if I had walked into a coffee table going 30 miles per hour, which was obviously not what happened. I lifted my pants up and it looked like a rash, or birthmark, something that was flat and pinkish red. I asked the girls at work and got everything from "dry skin" to mosquito bites. Yeah right, it's December. Anyway.. my bumps progressed into hard, SORE nodules (at one point I counted 26 between both legs) and it literally felt (and still does feel) as if I am walking on rotting bone.

Come on! I am on winter break, here.

Anyway, as soon as some of my bumps would start resolving and looking more like bruises on the downhill, Boom, more would show up. It's like a perpetual explosion of soreness on my legs. Then my thumb joints, wrists, ankles, knees and elbows began to ache (now the party has really started).

I was diagnosed with EN tonight at Urgent Care and prescribed a hefty dose of Naproxen. I don't understand why my elbows, wrists and thumbs are hurting so badly that I can't even let my arms hang freely because it hurts too much to fully extend them; because I have no bumps/lesions anywhere but my lower legs.

Can anyone else identify??    
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My pain started in my knee, wrists, and ankles with the spots on my shins. I just got word from the doctor that my biopsy was positive for EN. My ankles have finally quit hurting but now my knees are hurting again and my shoulders. I am taking Diclofenac 75mg twice a day for the pain and it helps a good bit. Doesn't take it away 100% but helps. It's one of the strongest NSAIDs so you am want to ask your dr about it.

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This sounds just like me.except my eyes hurt light sensitive and things look cloudy.my primary is sending me to a specialist to check for r.a. and lupus.I had a c reactive test which came back positive.