Son's Fiance

A few years ago we lived in a house that had a pool. We had had a few people over and it was getting late. When most everyone was gone from the back yard, I was watching my son's fiance walk to the far end of the pool, quickly ***** down to t-shirt and panties, and dive in. When she got out the other end, my son wrapped a towel around her and they went inside.  I kept that image in my mind for a LONG time!

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

love it! can you share a pic of her?

love it! can you share a pic of her?

lov that as well thx

Hekate...I let fantasies like that play out im my mind all of the time..If I had actually made love to half of the women I have in my mind, my penis would have long since worn out and fallen off :-)<br />
I thank you sincerely for the imagery!!!!

Hey Enjoy the moment dude!