I Know It Is True

I know this is true that I have been judged by the people I have in my circle. I don't quite understand why that would make a difference, I tend to look at groups that people support and stories they have written. I think you can learn more from the stories and groups than the people, because we all can have the most diverse group of friends. I also think you can learn the most from people you wouldn't nesessarily meet in your everyday life, which is a shame because there are some of the greatest people out there that you might look at shy away from diversity is fantastic. Everyone needs to step out of that comfort zone a little bit and meet new people you would never normally never meet and or talk to, I have always tried to do so and have a enourmously wide and diverse friend base, in real life and hopefully here also. So my message is this step outside your little sheilded world and experience new and different people outside the  norm.
lingerieme lingerieme
51-55, M
May 12, 2012