Hi my name is kt i had the gastric bypass surgery April 2010 and i wouldnt change it for the world but in the last month i have been passing out going very dizzy and have very bad shakes i also wake up every morning very weak light headed and with the shakes again i have spoke to my doctor and they throught it was "dumping" but now they have sent me for a blood test as it is happening everyday and even if i havent eatten anything this is making me very scared and depressed please if anyone had similar effects please talk to me 
but on a possitive note i have lost 5st
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I had surgery 6 years ago and I get the same shakes and dizzy and feel like I am going to pass out the thing that helps me now I eat a spoonful of peanut butter. I can't stand it when it happens.

i did same you need to eat protein you have hypoglycemia

Eliminate your intake of simple carbohydrates..eat small meals at close intervals, like every 2-4 hrs..<br />
<br />
Read labels, most foods have added sugars in them, and they all count, and treat your body just as if you were eating a candy bar..<br />
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Make sure your get enough protein, and try drinking protein shakes in between meals, especially if you experience shakiness, or diapheresis, all signs of low blood sugars..also, your blood sugar will drop down in about half an hour, if you do take in more carbohydrates,..the quick fix won't help..Stick to a diet of high protein and limited carbs for at least the first year..Some, never adjust to increasing their carbohydrates to pre-surgery levels..<br />
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good luck.<br />
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I get that way if I have any sugur what so ever. I for what ever reason just cant have surgery , My doctor said that it would get better but so far it hasnt. I had my surgery on july 15,2010 and really have had a hard time. Good luck with yours

hi my name is georgina im 38 yrs old had gastic bypass 9 mths ago lost 16 stone to quickly i,m on soups yogurts milkshakes due to have endoscopy and widen pouch as i,m sick on proteins meat eggs i can honestly say i never feel hungry getting fed up being sick but dont regret having it i can buy size 14 to 16 clothes but tummy sags and conciece of it would love to keep in touch

I get shakes and weak like I want to pass out when I am dehydrated and haven't eaten right. Sounds like your body is getting depleated during your sleep. Try:<br />
<br />
-taking your multivitamin at night just before bed<br />
-drink 4-8 ozs of water (whatever will hydrate you but not make you have to get up to pee in the nigt) <br />
-eat something high in protein with a little carbs...like 1/2 peanut butter sandwich (no jelly!) or cheese and grapes or yogurt is very good too about 1/2 hr before bed.<br />
<br />
wishing you the best!