Gastric Bypass Surgery July 12, 2010

My name is Tracy, I am the mother of 2 wonderful boys and married to my best friend.  I have suffered with Gastroparesis for 7 years and finally a Dr decided that Gastric Bypass would help me. So I had my Surgery on July 12th. I am feeling much better since the surgery.  I am having trouble with the Protein shakes and Protein drinks. Most of them make me nauseous.  I am hoping to meet others on here to share their story with so maybe we can get new ideas. 
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NO NO NO TO GASTRIC BYPASS. More harm than good and so expensive to handle

OMG i got so excited when i saw your post about gasterparisis. i was like finally someone else who has this ! then i read on that they fixed yours with a gastric bypass and now i am crying again. I have gasteroparisis due to the gastricbypass going horribly wrong. is there anything you can tell me that helped you deal with the gasteroparisis when you had it ? maybe we can exchange techniques. I had a major problem with the protien shakes so i could only drink carnation instant breakfast sugar free drinks. Then i found ISOpure water a bit expensive but well worth it. i would get it at GNC. as for the other gentleman take it slowly sometimes its easier to take 5 baby bites a hundred times a day if you have to. Make sure the sugar contenet of what you are eating is VERY low. i would try to keep mine under 10 grams per serving. it helped. anyone wanting to exchange info please feel free to write me. i have dealt with just about everything you can with gastric bypass in the last 5 years. hope i can help someone.

You have to try different shakes and see which one works for you. Eventually you will be able to eat more protein though. I had surgery on July 9, 2010. I can eat 3 small meals and a snack a day. I have lost 56 lbs. so far. I could not tolerate the protein mixes that you add water or milk too, but I was able to drink the brand that is already mixed called muscle milk. It tastes way better than alot of the others that have a wierd aftertaste or the mixes which taste like granules in them don't mix all the way. Another great way to get protein is to eat greek yogurt. I realy like the peach flavor. Hope this helps!

Hi my name is Toby and I had the surgery on the 15 of July and I have struggled with it all. Not really sure what I am doing. I am not able to drink more water than last week and still only can get down a few 4-5 baby spoons of cream of wheat or so. But the protein drinks make me sick . I get sick to my stomach and feel a need to lay down because I feel like Iam going to pass out. Just makes me real tierd. I hope you get to feeling better. Good luck and <br />
God Bless you

I went online to Walgreen drug store .com and found Beneprotein instant protein powder that is tasteless and good. Online it cost about 10.00 to 12.00 dollars, in the stores it is costing about 20 to 30 dollars.