Hate I Did The Gastic Bypass

I have not had any complication with the surgery, I am afriad to eat, guessing what is an ounce is not good. Then I have to wait 30 mins before drinking. I am tired of crystal light. Never like water so I drink crystal like in my water. I have lost 25 pound in one month. I am on stage 3. Maybe if I knew what I can eat that is good, it will help. Bake potatoe with butter was the best thing that I ate so far. Even if the food is good the first time it is not the second and third time. I am going through other problems at home with my children, but I sit in my room and cry alot. I am more depress than I was before. Maybe once school start back I can get into my studies again. I have done well in school studying paralegal, but since the surgery I have no interest in nothing. I was always on the computer chating with friends and family before the surgery, but now I may turn the computer on once a week. What am I going through and what are some of the soom that I can try to eat on stage 3.
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ok girls. heres the thing. Its not an easy surgery to come out of. You basically have to ajust to alot in a very short period of time. Eating is NOT fun after this surgery but i promise you it will be better. IF you are having problems with figuring how much to eat i used to use this as a rule. I tablespoon of food is more than enough at one sitting. You will eat that like a hundred times a day LOL . you do not have to wait a whole half hour after you eat to drink its just a guide for you to follow. try it in 15 minute intervals and just a swallow full at a time and see what you can tolerate. As long as you eat things that are very low in sugar or no sugar at all its good. Remember sugar alcohols are harder to digest than regular sugars. I used to look at lables and try to remain with under 10 grams of sugar per serving and as close to 0 sugar alcohols as possible. for me it was alot of malt o meals, sugar free oatmeal, carnation instant breakfast drinks sugar free, and tons of ISOPURE waters. i got at GNC . only place i could find them. Breads were a no no . pasta was ok for me not my friend. Its hard to figure what you can eat its trial and error. but if you are trying a new food for the first time stick with the tablespoon rule. If you can tolerate a tablespoon great if not then its only painful for a little while cuz there is not much of it in your system. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions . I am 5 years out on my surgery , and i have had Major complications, and a reversal of the bypass so i have been through it all and hopefully can answer any questions you have. GOod luck to all of you and i promise things will get better. have hope.

Good Evening,<br />
I read your stories and I just waned to respond. I had my surgery 6 months ago and I must say it was the best choice I could have ever made. I have lost 60 pounds since then. My road to good health first statred with knowing the lord Jesus Christ. The lord taught me how to pray to God and aske for any thing I need. One thing I needed was good health because I want to live a long life getting to know my grand children. I was a diabetic on insulin and now I take no medication and my diabetes is in remission ( thank God ). I must say that you must take things one day at a time. Pray each day and ask god to help you with sorting out your feeling that may have a wide range from happyness, sadness, depression, anger ect.... You see things will get better with time. Soon you will arrive at stage eight ( 8 ) then you will be able to eat a more wide range of foods. Being six months post op, I am learning to cook foods I really enjoy, using bariactric cook books and getting online cooking info. Recently I learned how to make banana putting and cheese cake using splenda. It tastes grrrrrrrreat.<br />
I also enjoy paticipating in arobics class. Try to attend a class aleast twice a week so that you will be able to exercise, get to meet new people, and learning your new body. I do understand that perrhaps on somedays you might not want to go out but force yourself to go as exercise will also help with depression. Soon you will be more happy, energetic, healthy, fit, thin, and love the new you. Don't forget to thank god on a daily basis for all his blessing even the ones you can't see or understand.<br />
<br />
May God bless you and your family keep your head up and soon you will be enjoying the new you.

I had gastric bypass surgery on the 9th of August. I hate myself and I truly wish I could somehow turn back time. I do realize that things will probably get better - I've already lost 14 lbs, but I never in a thousand years expected to feel this way. I expected some pain (after surgery); I thought that I would miss my favorite foods but I did not expect such overwhelming depression. I sleep twelve hours, I cry, I am unfocused, everything that I eat taste terrible, I'm grouchy and moody, I've been ignoring my dog, and pretty much everything that I enjoyed before has changed (reading, movies, art). <br />
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If things don't get better, I'll be thin but a very unhappy camper for the rest of my life - and this is not how I want to live. God, what have I done?