Gastricbypass Nightmare

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  First of all i want to say before getting into my experience that this is MY experience and not everyone will have the same results.  I had my gastricbypass back in may of 2006. everything went well with the surgery was out of the hospital in three days. Went home and did everything i was supposed to do. Had my trials and tribulations with food and drinks and what was good for me and not good for me. I went to every doctors appointment after my surgery even tho my doctos were 2 hours away.  My last visit to the surgeon was may 25th 2006. at this time i had already been expressing to them every visit that i was still having problems keeping food down and they kept saying it will get better with time. At my last visit with them i was 8 mos out on my surgery and had already lost 125lb. i was litterally skin and bones. My doctor said it was ok but follow up with my primary doc when i got home ? He didnt know anything about gastric bypass or the surgery. Well two short weeks later i went to work and had breakfast with a dear friend. Got back to work and had a strange pain in my stomach. The ER doc finally does an xray and says OH you are just backed up and gave me stuff to drink as they were litterlaly pushing me out the door !  An hour later hubby was taking me back to the ER i was in excrusiating pains. LONG story short. Surgeon took one look at the xrays and said i had a petersons hernia and would need immediate surgery. Well since i was in so much pain the induced a coma state and i was taken to surgery the next day. The doctors lost me on the operating table and were obviously succesfull getting me back. I suffered a twist in my intestine close to the point of hookup for the stomach so my intestine ruptured and spilled over a gallon of bile and infection into my body. I lost 5 feet of my small intestine and had to have a reversal of the gastricbypass done. I spent 10 days in the ICU and 9 days in a regualr room . I am very lucky to have survived at all most people dont survive this. ( and this can happen at anytime after your surgery . we just lost a friend to this and his surgery was 6 years ago) . Since the surgery i have had 3 more surgeris to try to fix the stomach and to no avail. I have now been diagnosed with chronic gastris and gasteroparesis. i am in constant pain and can not eat much at all. I am done with surgeries and will NOT let anyone operate on me anymore. I hope there is someone out there that can give me advise on the gasteroparisis and how to deal with it, so far i am not doing such a good job.  But if anyone has any questions for me i will be glad to answer anything . Hopefully it will help keep somone from gong through what i have. Just one important word of advise. If you have had a gastric bypass and have to go to the ER for anything REQUEST a surgeon to look at you. Only they truly know what they are looking at. It could be a matter of life or death for you.
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I had gastronypass and is been horror constant pain I had another surgery to fix the problem which was a piece off dead intestine about two inches was removed but Iam still in so but so much pain feels like someone is stabbing me constantly I cry cause I can take this pain every day all day I can't keep nothing Dow and throw up all the time is a nightmare Iam almost 100 lbs at 5"4 inches Iam skin an bones a walking skeleton I spoke to my surgeon he send me for cat scan with contrast I'll see what he will do from there on what do u think let me know

I am so sorry to hear about your extreme difficulty. I too am a GB post op patient. My complications although I just discovered was a complication yesterday was anaphalaxis. I had the surgery Feb 2008. By July 4,2008 after eating a shrimp cabob of 5 small shrimp, I started feeling prickly. The next thing I knew, I was on the toilet stripping off my clothes and screaming at the top of my lungs. I was in so much pain it hurt to have anything touching my skin. My tongue had swollen up and my face looked like the elephant man. I have 2 inch wheps all over my chest and my legs. My family took one look at me and called the ambulance, the EMT said i was going into anaphalaxis. I am now allergic to shrimp and I had been eating it my whole life up until that day. A benadryl injection saved me.
During the same year I started having trouble falling asleep. By 2009 I was a total insomniac, unemployed, underinsured and on general assistance/food stamps. I am on full disability. I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Panic Attacks, with aggoraphobia. The weight has come back and I struggle everyday to involve myself in life. I am not the same.
I understand

IT is insane to me that one would voluntarily choose surgery, esp removing their stomach and intestines when the human body is such a smooth working machine with each part playing a vital role. bETTER SURGERY IS CUT OFF THE HANDS SO ONE CANNOT PUT FOOD IN THE MOUTH THAN OPEN INTERNAL ORGANS UP!! Better luck next time!!!xox

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i cannot stand the issue of GB, NEVER. There are way to make the big stomach to contrast naturally. and also good supplement that we have that suppresses your appetite to stay on the weight loss program. Sad but it is already being done

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