23 Yr Old Step Daughter Having Gastric Bypass Today!!!

I am concerned bc I so don't think she is a good candidate,she had lost approx 25 lbs while living with us about 2 1/2 yrs ago,bc I had the right foods in the house and she ate 4-6 small meals a day. She walked,swam and was doing well,then she went to live with her mom for awhile and she & I both felt she was sabatoghed?? She now has a 18 month old and weighs about 300 lbs,her eating habits are terrible and she never excercises. She was at our home 2 days ago was eating what her son didn't eat (mashed potatoes,beef,gravy,carrots& yorkshire pudding),she was doing it secretly,or trying to. I am concerned that she will not succeed and will just go back to her same habits.She is engaged and her fiance' and her both love to cook and bake. I think she feels this is a quick fix and hates to excersise so I guess I am venting bc I think this is a waste of time and I am concerned for her health.Has anyone else had a child/friend or yourself that has had this done and how did they manage it,and did they fail or succeed? Looking forward to a response?
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I did not have a gastronomical bypass, nor do i know someone that had...however, they wanted me to do one, and i revused. the first time they sugested it i said let me think about it, and when home i did some research...and as above you can see the result; taking food sublements for the rest of your life, a lot of things can go wrong...and i do not have a problem keeping the same weight, i got a problem loosing weight. at least since a year or so, because before that i lost weight just fine..till the docs gave me medication! My food is alright, according to a diatrician. also the balance of how many times i eat and what i eat. <br />
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So i revused a bypass. there is however a good alternative that is relatively save, and is a quite good way if normal diets and sports dont help that much....and thats a adjustable gastric band. Some people get trouble with it, and then its just a matter of a few hours in the hospital to take it out again. <br />
However! you do need to dieet and sport....and as i read thats something your daughter harldy does anymore.<br />
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what i readed about the bypass is a lot of negatives against only one positive; you loose a lot of weight!