Gastric Bypass Saved My Life

March 24,  the best day of my life twice 1974 my son was born and 2010 when I had my bypass surgery. 
To start I have for a long as I remember struggled with my weight. I would joke about being fat ( beat others to it) tell people and myself  it was okay I was happy with myself.
I had no medical issues. I was not diabetic, did not have hypertension, not sleep apnea my labs were always good. However my knees hurt most the time, my hips hurt.  As a nurse on my feet all day they killed me.
I hated to shop because I either had to go to plus size clothing shops or order online. Did not like to go out much because of fear of the chairs may not be sturdy enough, I could not fit in a booth and I know that as much a I pretended it was okay to be fat I was so self conscious of what people thought or maybe were watching what I was eating.
 My hobbies include the travel, plays, theaters and yet I restricted myself from doing what I love because of my weight. Of course I have dieted how many times more then I can count. I have probably lost hundreds of lbs throughout the years and always gained them back. So about three years ago I said what can i do to fix this. I want to walk without pain, I want to go out and enjoy myself without thinking people are judging me based solely on my weight. I want people to make eye contact. I want to cross my legs, get up and down without difficulty and walk up a flight of stairs without feeling like my lungs were going to explode.
I started researching different surgeries made a decision and started the steps toward the surgery...Well almost two years later and minus 153 lbs. , from size 26 to size 6.   I walk, golf, bike go to the theater, plays and set in booths. It certainly has not been an easy fix I was given an incredible tool that I have to work with every day the rest of my life. It was the best choice I made and would encourage anyone thinking about it to JUST DO IT....
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thank you for taking the time to share. It was encouraging to read. So many people have had negative remark. comments, experiences. I am so confused now.<br />
i had a lap band but had to have it removed, they now have offered me the gastric by pass. it is such a "final" decision and certainly with some comments, it can be so frightening. Many state they have had kidney problems, scar tissue problems, never feeling full problems etc. <br />
do you know others that have had the surgery and are as happy as you are with making that decision<br />
i hope things have continued to be well with you<br />

Why did you have to have the lap band removed? I am trying to decide whether I should have the lap band or gastric bypass. My daughter is an R.N. and has seen so many complications from GB surgery that she doesn't want me to have the surgery. If I am going to have the surgery anyway, she said to do the lap band. I know that there are risks with any of the bariatric surgeries, but living with all my medical issues is also a risk. What can you tell me about the lap band that went wrong?

Actually last week gave my two year out testamony at our GB support meeting and there were so many that have had such a good outcome. I have had no complications. I do know a couple people that had the lapband without success. I however do not know the reason it did not work. It absolutely is a final decision. It is a life changing decision. I hope you do what ever it is you need to do and wish you all the luck. Am here to talk to if you need. Good luck.

Hi, I had to have the lap band removed because as we age, so they claim, the esophagus was being stretched out. I had to swallow test done to see if any changes, healing had begun and it had not. The fluids are going around the esophagus. I was upset that they did not tell me that this could happen with age, in fact they claim they are now telling older people that it is a risk they can take. Yet i am not sure this is happening to everyone in other states. i need to check on that. I wish i had had the gastric by pass the first time but i was so confused and had many fears. Today the surgery is much safer. but remember, both types are only tools. I know several people that have had both types done and have gained their weight back. As for the lap band, i just never felt full. I did lose 50 pounds but i do believe allot of that was from the N/V that i had, i would vomit allot. I have gained most of it back. For health reasons i am considering the Gastric but i was told last week that this hospital would not do another surgery, they are claiming that medicare will not pay for a lap and a gastric which upsets me, it is not like i want the gastric done because i just want it done, it is because i had to have a band removed. I think i might fight this issue. I hope you can find comfort in your decision, it is not a easy one but i can honestly say, i have several friends who have had it done and all of them have no regrets and did not have any problems. do let me know how you made out if you did decide to have it done. blessings

so nice of you to take the time to email me, i appreciated it. With the lap band i never felt full, i did lose those 50 pounds but i had so much N/V.. they had to remove the band because the esophagus has begun to stretch out and the food and fluid is going around it. i wanted so badly to have the gastric surgery but last week i was told that medicare would not pay for the surgery because i have had the lap band done and they do not pay for 2 of these types of surgery which upsets me because i had no choice but to have it removed for health reasons. I might decide to fight that decision. i just want to feel healthy again,
Congratulations , you have done well for 2 yeears. it must be wonderful , i am proud of your success story , keep up the awesome job

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