Gastric Surgery Has Changed My Life.

At 36 I was told I had heart failure and would probably die. I was scared. not just for me but for the four children I would leave motherless. I started to pack on weight being unable to move around without getting tired and out of breath. I put on so much weight that I soon weighed 470. I was unable to walk or do the things I wanted to do with my kids. I hurt every day and was at the end when I begged my dr to help me. He agreed and I worked very hard to loose the 40 before the surgery. I had my bypass 9 months ago, and I have lost 230 lbs. I can walk now, hike, roller skate, and I went back to college after 23 years, I would not change my choice for If I did I would not be writing this now. I have heard many different stories, some good,some bad, but when you have no other choice sometimes you just put it in fates hands.
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41-45, F
1 Response May 11, 2012

I am so glad that you had great results from the surgery. I am scheduled to have a gastric bypass in October, and I have read some negative responses to the surgery. It is kind of scary to hear about people who have had complications post op. I appreciate you telling your story, and it gives me hope for my future. Thank You.