Surgery In 13 Days

Hey all. I am set for surgery in two weeks. This process started 5 months ago and now is almost hear. When I got the recomendation from several doctors I was truly undecided if I wanted it or not. I thought to my self how nice it would be to be thinner and how nice it would be not to have the health risks my doctors talk about. On the other hand there are risks and I am pretty healty. However, I recently became a dad and when I saw his face I wanted to be healthier not just for me but for him. I started a diet and lost 25 pounds and during the holidays gained it right back and more. During this time I continued my appointments however it didn't get real until just now whey I heard that my insurance company had approved the surgery. I am getting no support from my Wife, Friends, or Family on this. They see me on the outside only. I guess I have done a good job bottling up my emotions. I am looking for a little support in the next few weeks to get me though. Thanks.

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I started this process of seeing my doctor on the last day of June last year. I was supposed to have surgery in December, but my daughter had to have her wisdom teeth removed instead. At that time, it didn't seem real to me either. I was still very nervous about the surgery and what would happen when I had it. I had to save up enough money to pay my surgeon and finally did, saw the surgeon in April and scheduled my surgery for May 14, 2012. Up until the night before the surgery, it still didn't seem real, although I wasn't scared this time at all. I do have a great support system though. My husband and 3 daughters and my mom. They are all very supportive and so is eerybody at work. You need to get yourself a support system, although it is possible to make it without one, it is easier with one. Talk to your wife and family, explain to them why it is important for you to have the surgery and what getting healthy means to you. Get their feedback, have them tell you their thoughts on the surgery. If they have questions, let them go see the surgeon with you. I hope this helps in some way. Good Luck with the surgery and make sure you folow the surgeon and dietician's advise.

hey mike i just had my surgery 5-24-2012 .. though its hard to be on the liquid diet , so far i have no regrets . im excited to wats to come ... i have 3 your children and i was scared if something happened to me , but thatnk god everything went well ... my doctor and his staff where amaizing and im glad i went through with it , the pain after wards is not easy but quickly fades away ... ull be suprised how and ounce of liquid fills you up .

I had surgery on 4/9/12 and ppl have asked me if I am happy I did it. I tell them, Im not there yet. It's nice to see the weight come off but it truly is a life changing event. You have to change your eating habits that you have had for your entire life. I'm only 6 weeks post op and i've had hills and valleys so to speak.<br />
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You need a support system. Try talking to your wife, family, friends. Without a support system in place, it will be hard. My dad had a hard time understanding where I was coming from when I told him of my decision. Only you know for sure if this is the right decision.<br />
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Good luck!<br />
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Only do this if you truely feel it will help your health conditions. Don't do anything dangerous. I Hope everything goes well and you will be happy and healthy. Good luck.