Gastric Bypass

I had gastric bypass surgery 4/9/12. Ive lost 33.5 lbs so far. I find it hard to get in all the protein and fluids each day. Anybody have any advice?
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2 Responses May 21, 2012

With gastric bypass its very hard to absorb very much of anything. Thats why so many clients become depleted of the vitamins and minerals the body needs after one of these surgeries . When you are able to drink a little more I have a great vitamin with minerals for gastric bypass clients. 4x more absorption!

can u please tell me what the name vitamin is called?

hey .... i had my gastric bypass 5-24-2012 and i find it hard to drink all that liquid i get full with just and once an hour ..... i know its only been a few days , i think its ok to pace your self and c what your individual limits are