I Origionally Had Gastrick Stapling 20 Years Ago..now....

So I had it twenty years ago,but it was a bad result,I lost around 85 lbs.I couldn't keep food down as I was always vomiting.I ended up with chronic fatigue..and my surgeon decided that the stoma was too tight.He operated again and still I was unwell,I sought another doctor who turned out to be a friend of the original surgeon that I was unhappy with,he just tried to fix his mates mess.It still was not working,I eventually found another surgeon who had to fix it finally by making a whole new stomach.that worked,and I could finally eat again normally.But its been 15 years and much trouble with reflux and weight gain.My new specialist recommended a major op that will fix my very bad reflux..he said I may develop stomach cancer If I don't do something.I went to see him last week,he suggest he can fix my acid reflux problem,and will do a gastric bypass again.I'm hoping that its all advanced nowadays,and would be happy to do the operation as I'm 110 lbs over weight and have had heart surgery,and other health issues.I just wanna be slimmer ,and i feel I'm at an age where I wanna finally be over the weight issues.I'm sad and want to be happy.I'm a male of 54 years of age .Hope people can understand my rattling on. David please give some feedback if you can. May 23rd 2012
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I feel so sorry for you.. I hate that you are going through such a rough time.. So why don't you go for another surgery. Now days weight loss surgery is so advanced. Is it because of your health issues?

Hi ,well Ive really been suffering with the reflux problem,and now this new surgeon feels that he can fix it with an Roux-en-Y gastric bypass I'm scheduled in the next few months.I'm really y exited but scared as I this will now be my 5th operation on the stomach and they were all open cut ,so there will be scar tissue,but Im so struggling nowadays with short breath.Im willing to do it,since he spoke to me,all I can think of myself is being thin.

Me too.. that's all I can think about. That is why I have decided to have a revisional weight loss surgery. I had the RNY back in 2007, I wasn't so successful due to bad habbits. Now I have second chance of being thin and that's all I can think about. Good luck on your journey.