My Gastric Bypass Journey

  Hello my name is Yadira I'm 27 years old and I had gastric bypass on November 9,2011. I was 275lb before surgery and now I'm 180lb I have lost 95lb in six months. I'm really happy that I made this decision I don't regret it at all I'm a totally different person more active,more positive about my self,more outgoing everything has changed for the better. I haven't had any complications the only issue is my hair loss and I'm not bold but my hair does falls off nothing that cant be controlled. If you are thinking about having surgery PLEASE do you're research see different Doctors don't stick with the first one you see. At the  seminars make sure you ask all the questions you have in mind and don't be shy. 
diablita6x6 diablita6x6
26-30, F
May 25, 2012