Surgery Soon !!!!

Hi I am having Gastric Bypass December 11th ! So very nervous !!!! In May 2007 I had the Lap Band , and in Sept. of 2011 it eroded ! I was super sick and in the hospital 7 days ! I don't regret getting it one second ! Had great success with it , but as soon as it was removed my my weight started to return and I started to get depressed and feel bad physically and mentally ! Hoping this will also be a success , with no complications ! Can anyone tell me what to expect recovery wise ? Thanks !!!!!!
Amandawv Amandawv
1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Hey I just had my gastric bypass on November 19th 2912 by keyhole surgery I recovered very well I wasn't in alot of pain on my third day I didn't need or take any painkillers I was mobile and dressing myself and very happy that the hospital even discharged me a day early!! I've lost 24 pounds so far and tomorrow its 2 weeks since I had it done I'd say go for it good luck in your journey on become a new healthy you :-)

thank you for the reply!!!