Good And Bad About My Surgery

As I write this, I am a little over 4 years out of surgery. I had ruen y gastric bypass in October of 2008. I was a 40 year old male, and weighed 450 lbs. I was miserable! I had the surgery, and lost 210 lbs within 8 months. I looked and felt great! However, there is something that was not covered thoroughly enough, I felt.
Today, I am a raging alcoholic. I was a heavy drinker prior to my surgery, but it did not affect my life. I was able to participate in my family, hold a job, not get into trouble with the law. Since the surgery, I have averaged over a liter per day of straight alcohol, and have had many unfortunate consequences. I have had 2 dwis, including a car accident where a woman was left without the use of her legs because of me. I have been in 3 inpatient and 2 outpatient treatments, and still struggle daily with this. I understand that it a shifting of addictions due to my underlying psycologcal issues, but I feel that it would have helped me to explore this more in depth before the surgery.
I have never had issues with law enforcement prior to this. I am now a convicted felon, and have the guilt of crippling a woman hanging around my neck. I spoke to a man that works at Hazelden in Minnesota, who told me that 4 out of 10 people who have this surgery end up getting treatment for addiction. This is staggering to me! I am not trying to blame anyone for my issues or deeds, but I do feel that it is something that needs to be addressed better with clients thinking about this surgery. I am currently at 285 lbs, which is still a good weight for my frame, but the addiction ramifications are something for all to think about before continuing. The surgery was fantastic, changed my life. However, be careful what you wish for. NOTHING is free, nothing is without cost. Good luck to all who read this.
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You have to stop and read what you wrote. You drank before and like food you can't drink as much because you have changed your whole body with this surgery. I was told that a few sips could make me drunk. Please go for help. My sister was killed by a drunk driver and the pain it has left behind has never gone away.

This is EXTREMELY helpful! It's an issue that has not been covered so far (I have surgery in a month). I only learned about this after talking to a couple of my friends who have had Roux-en-Y. It's something that concerns me, as I do like to drink. I'm having to consider this but am afraid to discuss it with my doctors as I fear that they will not let me have the surgery if they know of my concerns and drinking history. I don't think I am an alcoholic but am afraid I may become one if I get this surgery. Thank you bignomo for bringing this issue to light!

I think Bignomo is not actually saying the surgery made him/her an alcoholic, but that they probably used eating as a coping devise. When that is taken away, you tend to look for something else to make you feel better. Ive had long discussions with my surgeon about this, as she has said a lot of her patients have turned to alcohol and SHOPPING as new outlets for stress. Having already had issues with alcohol just made the situation worse. Im not one to judge, Im not perfect by any means, but the one thing that bothers me most in life is people who drink and drive. I feel NO pitty for you when it comes to that. You obviously know you had/have issues with drinking- do something about it.

the issue of surgery didn't have anything to do with that. You should of seeked help prior to your surgery for your drinking

Sorry your problem as nothing to do with the BY pass you jusy prefer to be drunk and risk other's lives sorry