Anyone "older" Out There? I'm 56 - General Questions Also To All Re: Roux-en-y

Howdy! I'm 56 and would love to hear about stories from folks closer to my age group. Don't get me wrong...THANKS to ALL of you who have shared your stories! They are very inspiring!

I am 5'4" and weigh about 230 pounds. I have tried diets and exercise and lose about 30 pounds and then kind of level out. I only started having weight problems in my mid 30's after two babies. I began this journey toward surggery when I ran into 3 friends who had all had gastric bypass. It got me thinking. I mentioned it to my doctor and she was very supportive. I have heard stories of all the hurdles people go through to get insurance approval but things seem to be going really fast for me. It's only been about 2 months since things started rolling. Now I have a Feb. 4, 2013 date and I'm scared!

Sometimes I think this is too drastic for me and it's the easy way out and I feel just plain scared. Most of the time I think that this is the only way for me. I have high blood pressure, I THINK I have sleep problems, and my back hurts all the time! I can barely sit down on the floor to play with my grand daughter or get back up!

Guess I'm just looking for reassurance and positive messages.
Thanks in advance to all!
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Hello to All who responded and thank you SO MUCH! I'm two weeks out post-op (almost). I had my surgery on February 4. I stayed in the hospital 3 nights. It was going to be 2 but I vomited from the Jello I ate. The next day I had some but I made sure I smushed it up real good so I didn't have chunks in my stomach.

When I was in the hospital recovering, I got REALLY emotional twice. I just couldn't stop sobbing! I felt like "what in the HELL am I doing here? I am so not prepared for this!!!" Luckily I was able to reach out to a friend who had gotten the surgery a year ago. She told me that she had done SO MUCH research (her journey was much longer than mine to get to the surgery and that's one of the things that freaked me out. It was only 2 - 1/2 months from my first desire to getting the surgery!) and she told me that she was SO NOT ready for it afterward herself. No matter how much you research and how much you ponder, when it actually happens you just cannot be prepared until you experience it!

So I am currently on phase 3 of my diet - mushy foods. I'm doing great but for me it's hard sometimes to know how much to eat. Today I suffered with the dumping syndrome ( Sharp stomach pains and vomiting - is that it?) and I didn't "think" I'd eaten that much. I had a bowl of fat free soup and two small pieces of polenta. Guess I need to eat less and maybe slower?

I am finding that I get hungry later in the evening, around 9 or 10pm. I cheated a couple of times and had popcorn once and half a peanut butter sandwich. This worries me that I get hungry like that!

The day before the surgery I was REALLY second-guessing about the surgery and just told myself "we're going to do this. Shut up, brain!" It really spoiled the Super Bowl for me! Well, that and the fact that the 49ers lost! LOL The day of the surgery, I was rather calm and just not thinking about it. As I said, AFTER the surgery I was totally scared and freaked out. Ewww and that drain coming out of my stomach really grossed me out! No one had really told me what to expect immediately after the surgery.

Anyway, it's two weeks now and I'm doing great. I though it would feel weird, or different not having a real stomach anymore and wondered how it was going to feel. Well it does feel pretty much the same except that I get more "burpy". Not sure what that's called.

So....if anyone out there has any questions for me now, ask away!

THANK YOU AGAIN for all of you who responded to my post. It has meant a LOT to me!~

I am 54 had BYPass surgery when I was 50 best thing I ever did lost 110 so far took me almost 4 years it is hard work and I constantly work at it I still want to lose 30 more

i am no 56... but i had a gastric bypass in 2000. the weight loss has been great! sure there are some sideffects for a while, but mostly its been good. one one the things I am battling is the vitamins we need to take. 1 was 320 starting out am i am at around 140... you really have to take care of your system.... it just doesnt absorb the neded vitamins from what you eat.

I had mine on Jan 17, 2013. It is NOT the easy way out. You have to change EVERYTHING! I had it done because I was dying. My Blood sugars were over 600! I was taking 375 units of insulin, Had fibro, High Blood pressure, Heart problems, I was so sick I was on 15 meds. Two weeks out I am only on meds for my A-fib. No insulin, Bp, meds.. I lived in so much pain that the 2nd day after surgery I refused to take meds because I felt sore but compared to how I was before surgery I felt great! I drove 4 days after surgery. You won't be able to eat like before. It still floors me that I can eat a jello for lunch but I am full! I am struggling with protein because I don't like it. But my advice is by day 2 make yourself get up and move around. Sit in a chair more than in bed. And I walk 10 min. after each meal. I am down 31 lbs in 14 days because I can't sit still! I have so much engery I feel 30!
So my advice is I did this for health reasons. I want to be around for my kids, and grandkids. The weight loss is a great side effect. If your weight bothers you enough do this for you. I hope this has helped. Good luck!

I'm 57 and have my 1st consultation for laprascopic gastric bypass on Feb 28th. I'm very nervous but I know I have to do it. I am only 4'11" and weight 280 lbs. My knees constantly hurt and my diabetes is getting out of control. I'm also raising a 7 year old niece and want to be able to do more with her. I know it will be very hard and hope I'm making the right decision.

I am 56 and having surgery on March 6. Just a little nervous about what to eat and drink after surgery. we have a long road ahead of us, but we will make it. It has taken almost one year to get my date. Good luck.

Your doctor should give you a comprehensive list of what you can eat/when. What the different phases are. Mine also had me go to a nutritionist beforehand. Honestly she was a nice person but I felt the appointment was kind of useless, out of an hour I got maybe 15 minutes worth of help; she was very chit-chatty. That's beside the point.

I'm sure that when you visit the doctor prior to the surgery, that he will give you all the info you need on what to eat and when. Go prepared with a list of questions.

Hi Sierra, I had Gastric Bypass on Sept. 7th and I am doing well. I have lost 64 lbs. and I am so happy about that. I am 60 years old, only now I don't feel as old since I am losing the weight. The surgery not the easy way out. It is only a tool to help you lose the weight. You sill still have to make a lot of changes in your life in order to lose the weight and keep it off. I used the time before my surgery to get myself ready for those changes. I attended classes at the hospital and listened to the Bariatric experts about nutrition and exercise. I now attend a support group at the hospital for people who have had the surgery. There are certain foods that I will never eat again, but that is a small price to pay for getting my life back. I can now fly on a plane without worrying about a seat belt extender, or having people dread me sitting next to me. I can go out in public without feeling self conscience. I am a much happier person already. All the changes I have made are worth it to me. I wish you the very best, and if you have any questions that I can help with let me know. Take care, Dragonfly

GOOD FOR YOU! I am so glad that things are going well for you. Keep on truckin, baby!

Thanks Sierra, I am glad that you are doing well after the surgery. It takes some getting use to, but eating small portions will become a normal thing for you. I had to learn to eat slower and chew my food better. I also learned to wait 30 minutes before drinking after the meal. It only took one time of the dumping syndrome for me to learn that. I am 6 months pot-op now and have lost 80 lbsl. I went to the surgeon for my follow-up visit today and my lab work was great. My cholesterol was 160 and it hasn't been below 200 in 15 years. There are so many health benefits to losing the weight. I am here if you ever have any questions. Best wishes for your continued success, Dragonfly

OOPS, I meant post-op.

I am 57 and surgery on the 28 of Dec. and i don`t know if i am not a normal case or not but i have not gotten sick so far from any food,i am so far trying different foods at a slow pace.I had the surgery for extreme acid reflux and a hyatel hyrnis but i was also overweight at 200 lbs and have also quit smoking and hope to continue not smoking.Good luck and have faith from the lord above.