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Hello, if anyone out there has wondered what it would be like to have gastric bypass surgery it wasn't me in 2002. I was on a cruise ship heading for the Panama Canal and this girl, Mindy, started talking to me about GBS. Well, one year later I was undergoing GBS myself at Hershey Medical Center here in PA. It has been four years last month since I had the surgery and I have lost a total of 125lbs. I am still considered obese and I am currently enrolled in LA Weightloss to lose the rest of my pounds. I have been struggling the last two years with not losing more weight and sometimes even gaining weight. GBS is not a cure that you can magically lose weight with as I have found out. It is a tool to aid you in losing the pounds so that you can gain confidence and inspiration to lose the rest. If you are looking into GBS I wish you good luck!
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I trained as a PA at the Hershey Medical Center and love the area. What are the things you think are preventing you from continuing wtih weightloss? Would you do it again? Are you able to eat most things and just less portions or are you very limited to what you can eat without making you sick? Do you have dumping syndrome? Does it continue years after the surgery. What are the foods you cannot eat and wish you could? Ice cream, meat, candy etc. What are the portions you are able to eat now years out from surgery? how is that different from a year out from surgery?

hi good people of the world, i am thinking of the surgery too and wondering has anyone had the gastric sleeve bypass surgery.

I am just looking into the gastric bypass thing. I am 45yrs old and tired of living my life hiding behind my weight. I am not afraid of the surgery,but am terrified of the diet restrictions before and after surgery. I am so afraid of failing that I hope I don't back out. Can anyone give me some advice that might help me overcome these fears? Thank you for your help!

this is really true. i had gastric bypass in 1997 & did wonderfully for the past 3 years. my weight would go up & down- now Im at an all time high & i need to loose over 100 pounds. i know i can do it :)

Hello to others that are nervous about having the surgery, I was too. I had it Aug 25th and I am doing well. When I started the program with the 2 weeks of shakes first my sugar came down so low I did not require my insulin. After the surgery on the Aug 25th 2011 I was released from the hospital INSULIN FREE. I was so amazed that it happened so quickly. I am in to day 11 of soups and have lost 25 lbs. have more energy and do not require my daily nap as in the past. I do get a little tired since I am healing but walk a little each day. I love to cook and didn't do it for a while my family was on their own. But, now in the last few days I have even been cooking them very nice dinners in the evenings because i want to and I am doing fine. It has helped me with self control of bad eating habits. I have had no problems at all. The only thing I did not follow as advised was I had some caffeine which was a half cup of coffee twice. So far so good. All of you posts have been so helpful. I am a 60 year old retired woman due to disability. I weighed 305 starting the diet. I have a very bad back and both knees have been replaced .<br />
I am feeling good already. Good luck to all of you my friends :).

Hi, I am going to the surgeon in two weeks for my initial consultation, and I am 59 yrs. old. I to am retired due to disability and didn't know if my age would be a factor in the healing process. It is incouraging to me that you are doing so well. I am trying to decide if I should have the lap band or the gastric bypass. Any thoughts on this? Your input would be greatly appreciated.

most people I know that has the lap band gain the wt. back, its a life decision that you really must think out. My surgeon say 85% of poeple that has the lao band fail.

I heard the same thing about the lap band. Speaking with a Nurse in she suggested that Lap band is not covered by our healthcare system as it is not as effective as the other types of surgery.

It is rather starving yourself.....That's how you lose the weight...mmm...I tried it...not eating, couldn't do it,....dizzy and wanted to puke....One time I did lose about 30lbs in about 2 months, depressed..Yup, you guessed it...Gained it back and more!??....This deal..Your Hungry, to bad....You can't eat. Guess, that's the way it's gotta be?? I'm worried about the leakage or blockage or diarrea or constipation or cutting something they shouldn't or making it to short ect....But, I also have (not everday,yet) Neuropathy, I don't have Diabetes 2 yet?! My knees are Shot....mmm...So, I'm prob. gonna have to look into it......It is a very Scary Operation....!!

Are you taking your supplements for the neuropathy. The B complex vitamins assist with neurological health. Best regards.

I've been told hunger is no longer a problem after surgery because a hormone, grehlin, is removed.
I'm looking into the vertical sleeve surgery for the second time. I chickened out the first time. I had actually started the process and lost 20 lbs. have 100 to lose. I fugured if I could lose 20 I could lose 100 on my own. Well that didn't last and I gaine 12 back.

you can do it! it took me 2 years to get serious about my health. I has surgery on 6/5/12. together we can do this. Hang in there..victory is ours

What I would like to know is how many people out there who have had the gastric bypass (including myself) are bulimic? How many are emotionally over eating and then throwing up? How many are using this method to relieve stress? I Do! And I would really appreciate some honesty from you all because I just don't believe this is not a problem for a lot of Gastric Bypass patients.

Hi...I am about to have GBS next month...I already have a lap band and can totally relate to what you are saying. I have emotionally stuffed myself knowing I would throw it up...or gone to a buffet style dinner knowing I would over do it but figuring I'd just stick the toothbrush down my throat and get rid of it. I didn't think of this as bulemia because guess what? I'm still fat! That is why I'm revising the lap band to the gastric bypass.

I had my surgery in July, 2009. Yes, there were some problems but would do it again in a heartbeat.<br />
I have found a life I didn't know exsisted .I am going out more, more outgoing, more energy and much better health. To date have lost 160 lbs with needing to lose 20 more. I will no longer be considered obese. My problem is that I am getting bored with the diet routine, lifestyle. So I am looking to see how others have conquered this. I will not go back to that unhappy person that I was. <br />
So hopefully otheres will share to help me continue on my new path.

Thank you. Your words were encouraging. I appreciate you sharing. Are you able to eat veggies with skin, chicken, &amp; fish?

Wow...thanks so much for the encouraging post...exactly what I needed as I prepare myself for my surgery within the next couple months.
I can hardly wait to finally write a post like yours!! :-)

Best of luck to you!

I do not feel it is a starvation diet at all~ It simply shows you HOW you are supposed to eat and shows you food is supposed to fuel you. I have had gastric bypass and it has been very hard... it is not an easy fix, you still have to work at it, but it is a great decision I made for myself.

You are so right. And it cant all be healthy. I had surgery on 7/15/2010, And in 2 1/2 weeks lost 33 lbs and it is due to starvastion and pain. But I hoping it gets better. Glad to here that I dont feel like the only one that thinks this

i wish you the best...i appreciated your honesty.

GBS to me sounds kinda like forced anorexia. It forces it so you eat very little. Couple bites of a burger or one hard boiled egg. If that’s all people are eating then yes, they will lose weight just like people that are anorexic. Its funny how anorexia is looked down upon but if you get GBS its ok to lose so much weight so quickly. Seems like nobody I’ve ever talked to has seen the relation.

If I may engage you... I understand your comparison based on the restricted portions. However, anorexia nervosa patients are usually already at a healthy weight. GBS patients are not at a healthy weight and have a significant (&gt;70 lbs) amount of weight to lose that far exceeds their ideal body weight or BMI.