Would Do It Again!

I had GBS in Jan of 2007. I've lost 113 pounds so far and counting! I love the feel of the 'new me' and can't wait to get to my goal.

I would encourage anyone to research first but I would recommend it to anyone that has struggled with weight all their lives like I have.

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I would like to say that you are doing so well after your GBS and con grats. I tried to get a gastric banding through the NHS here in the UK through my GP who pulled out all the stops in the book for me, along with three refferrel letters from my ENT specialist, Gynae and my Urologist to the PCT foundation who fund the surgery. They wrote back and said that I needed to be referred to some people called tipping the balance to help me prove that I could lose weight if they did fund me for the op. Well for 6months I did what they asked and also saw a councillor and was sent to use to gym what is council run, Lost 6 pounds, spent a whole year altogether with the waiting to be told that I did not fit their criterea for Gastric banding so therefore I could not get funding by them, and to top it off there funding had run out by Feb 2011 this year, and if I wanted to try again, I would have to go to my GP and re-apply again. Their Criterea is you should have one or two of the following. Diabeties class 2, Sleep Apnea, Your BMI must be over 40.<br />
My weight got to 16 stone 10 and I was really deppressed and just wanted to give up with everything, I had a mild form of sleep apnea after all the tests were done and told that with further weight gain it could get worse and then DVLA would be notified, where they would take my driving licences away. So that would mean that I wouldn't be able to do my job, as I drive for aliving. <br />
Well I had a stroke of luck in April where I inherited some money from my Aunt, so I used it to have a GBP on 15th May 2011 privately, at the time I thought that I had done enough research into it and it would be a breeze. Well! to my horror I had to go on a detox diet for two weeks before the surgery, that i could just about put up with. They said that if I didn't do it to the T, they would know when they done a blood test, as they can't operate if my liver is not reduced in size. Also they can tell if u do the detox properly by how much weight u lose. Well nobody has said that on any of their experiences or in any of the research that I did. The day before the op you was only allowed liquid intake of water, and on the day of the op nothing. They weighed me on the day of the op and I was 16 stone exactly, so they said it could go ahead .Then after the op they said that the gas that they filled the area up with to make the GBP easier to do would probably give me some discomfort in my shoulders. Well it didn't move for nearly 5 days from all around my stomach area which made me really feel very ill, that I couldn't keep down any liquids, didn't feel hungry and just felt like a trapped bag of wind with alot of pain and trying to throw up with nothing coming out, to top it off I couldn't sleep and felt that it would never end this ordeal that I'd put my body through. I thought that I had made the wrong decision. Now I am on my fourth week of recovery form that op. I feel much better, but very tired, sore around the stomach and get headaches, sick of taking anti coagulant injections which end on your fourth week, vitimins and other supplements which are to be taken for life. At present yes I am losing weight and my skin is starting to flap i.e Bingo wings, but I still am not back in full form and keep doughting whether it was all worth it. I haven't got energy to even do any exercise. The dietition say's that my body is lacking in the vitatimin supplements. My Scalp aches in the hair foricals and the hair strands are dry, my joints are abit achie too. I have very thick hair at present and I am scared of going bald. Please tell me that these things won't go on forever as I don't want to add this to my dought list . I don't care at present about the weight loss, as all I want to do is get better and stop feeling so sick. Please tell me how you get rid of the flab and when is it best to start exercising and how much.

Thank you so much! : )

What would you like to know? You could ask anything!

Thats a really uplifting story and thread. Well done and good luck to you.

Here in PA, the requirement is 100 lbs overweight. They will make allowances if you are say 80 lbs over but you have to have a chronic illness that would benefit from the surgery. <br />
In my case, I was well over 100 and had Diabetes and hypertension.<br />
So happy to say that I am now down 125 lbs and no health concerns whatsoever! Yay!

Congrats!! I would love to get that, but everyone keeps telling me you have to be X amount of pounds overweight and I am not!!! Is this true? I mean, obviously you are not going to get surgery for 10lbs overweight, but is there a certain requirement?

First I have to say congratulations! You might find that this is possibly the best thing you will ever do for yourself!<br />
I have to tell you that prior to my surgery I had 2 C-sections, so for me, the pain was very minimal. I suppose it depends on what type of surgery you have; RNY versus open..<br />
Are you having LRNY?<br />
Anyway, I have found that the Flintstones multi-vitamin is the best for your daily vitamin. Also, Caltrate is the best for me for the vitamin D. Generic B-12 is fine and all the other ones are good in generic form.<br />
I had no troubles with the upper gi, although my surgeon prescribes meds to prevent ulcers and indigestion. So, you may leave the hospital with something like Zantac, or comparable.<br />
Pay so much attention to your protein intake! It is so much harder than you think to get it in! It will be a year for me on the 23rd of this month and I am still struggling to get that protein in my diet.<br />
One last thing I can suggest though to provide your initial protein is Carnation Instant Breakfast, low sugar.<br />
If you have any other questions, feel free to email me!<br />
Good luck to you!

i have some questions if you are willing to chat... I am 32 and have been fighting obesity for nearly 15 years and been hungry for over 20...my first WW meeting was when i was ten.
I have been ready to book an appointment with my GP to get a referal moving forward and think this is my last resort for become healthier. My thing is I love drinking beer and such more so in the summer months, not that i have a problem with booze but I enjoy drinking....is that completely over? I mean like forever? I get healing and letting things readjust but not being able to sit down with friends and have a pint is a sad thought ya know?

Glad to find you, Im having a bypass in 9 days, getting nervous. How was the surgery, the PAIN, the upper gi, just anything you can provide, will help. What kind of supplements have you found were good? Congratulations on your weight loss, I hope I do ok.

Yes, I did have to have 6 months of doctor supervised dieting. The insurance approval was immediate for me simply because I was a severe diabetic and super overweight.<br />
I don't know much about the lap band except that it's easier to re-gain the weight versus having the RNY. I would advise anyone considering the surgery to research every aspect of every surgery.<br />
I am now down 123 pounds! My one year anniversary date will be January 23rd.

Thats fantastic you have reached the 100lb mark(well plus more).<br />
How hard was it to get insurance approval? How long did it take? Did you have to have at least 6 months of Dr supervised dieting?<br />
I have lots of questions, am seriouisly thinking about the lap band. Doesn't seem to have some of the problems as RNY.<br />
Keep up the good work!

Keep up the good work. GBS is the ultimate in commiting to a new way of life. i too have struggled with my weight my entire life. Have been anorexic, bulimic, andx over weight. guess that surrounds just about the whole issue. My dr. sayd i am not obese enough for GBS. She did put me on diet pills which have helped. Seems i am stuck at 20lbs. oh well, I'll just stick with it.<br />
you keep those pounds coming off. nhope your hubby adjusts to his hot new wife.

Fantastic! I have always strruggled with my weight, dont the dieting and excercise routine and have lost alot however after my 2 kids I cant seem to keep it off. I have started back to Weight Watchers and excercising. I have thought about GBP however have always been afraid to undergo that surgery. I'd like to hear about the changes after you first came home from the hospital, etc?<br />
Congrats to you! <br />
<br />

so proud of you! What an awesome story, and thank you for keeping us updated on how you're doing!

thanks! Well, the diet changes dramatically but I have an awesome surgeon and they prepared me for all of that beforehand. You are right, physically now I can not hold more than 1/4 cup of food at a time in my stomach. If you over eat or eat too quickly you will get ill. I am always careful about that. Never want to get sick! I still keep pictures of what I used to look like so I NEVER put anything in my mouth that is not on my diet!

YAY!! I've hit the 100 pound mark and still hoping to lose alot more...

thank you so much for the compliment..unfortunately my husband is not grateful...he is struggling very hard dealing with all of this..

My oldest daughter has struggled with her weight all of her life. Her sorry excuse for a man husband has her on his insurance. I hope she can do something similar. Poor Baby! I'm overweight myself, but she's probably three times my size. She's got a heart that's far beyond that, though. I"ve worried so much over her health. I've been afraid of losing her way too soon.

thank you grams!! It's hard work, but worth it, for sure...

good luck!