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I have been overweight pretty much all of my life, with my highest weight reaching a whopping 356 pounds.  I thought about and began working towards obtaining gastric bypass surgery about a year and a half ago.  I was scheduled a few days ago, August 6th, 2007.  I am home now and the only problems I am having currently is a lot of gas pain, which I was warned about.  Of course I am still only on liquids - so we'll have to see as I am allowed to eat more of a variety of foods.
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Hi my name is norma and I had the gastric bypass 3 weeks ago, for the last 2 weeks its been nothing but liquid and today the beginning of my third week i ate a small (desert size) plate serving of roasted potato, a small piece of lemon pepper chicken and salad.... should I be concern that I am eating that much this early into my surgery... can someone please give me feed back what should I do? I am really concerned about this and starting to stress out on it..

I just had RNY 3/21/13 I have been home 2 days and having to get use to this is not easy but I have come to far to mess up now. The getting my meds and water down S-L-O-W-L-Y is really hard because its just learning new habits. Melnel25 so how has it been going now its been quite a while?

Hi Nikki. I had my surgery 8 weeks ago. How are you feeling.

really well and No real problems but it is a life change and I didn't really know how hard it would be to drink 2oz of water for 45 min. It Takes all of my strength not gulp it down. Just stuff like that . Change is the hardest part. SIKED

Hi how r u now?

Take it slow ,it will get better just go with the program ,dont do the things that got you there in the beginning ,now is the start of a new and healther you, get your exercise in everyday and pay close attention to your fluid and protein and you will do fine ,Dont forget the calcium daily for the rest of your life

Where are you now with your progress?

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I just had surgery January 9,2011. I am on a roller coster of pain. Not sure if it is gas or just did too much the day before. I ve lost 6 pounds since surgery date. I had to bring my son to the doctors and just had to jump on the scale too. I am on liquids and I am finding it very hard to do this. Right now its a day by day adventure.

Congratulations, I just had my surgery 5 days ago and I am down 13 pounds the only thing that is giving me problems is sleeping at night, it's like I am tired all day long but once I lay down I can't fall asleep

hi, my name is steve and i ve had G B S onjuly 7,2011. to date i have had and have many problems since the surgery. firt there was an infection on one of my cuts, by. the time that was of my cuts, byquiq. the time that wass cleared up. i was finished with the liquid diet and started with soft sds. the problem with that was, not event back to liquids and the doctor, the opening in my stomach was too small and ihad to go to the hospital again to have a balloon inserted after the second surgery small bites stayed down, but i always got bad pain in my stomch [ still do ] i have a. horrible taste in my mouth [ a sweetness and vary dry ] that makes [2] everything i do eat, taste horrible, or no taste at all. i im going to the DR. again November 2,2011 to find out whats wrong this time. i have lost almost 100 pounds sincemy surgery, and losing weight so fast has made me feel very weak and tired all the time if anyone has had G B P surgery and has similar experiences, please write back and let me now if you have found relief from these symptoms in any way.

Great Melnel. Really its very interesting article on weight loss after surgery. I think it depends on our hands. Let me know how to do this. Doesn't we take any solid food for how many days. Give more updates on this.<br />
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Bypass Surgery

I just had a Gastric bypass surgey one week ago. I am on clear liquids for a week, water, some vegetable broth, a little cranberry juice and I only lost like 3 pounds. What the heck?

hey everyone out there in gastric bypass land! I have had gastric bypass surgery 4 years ago and can tell u for the first time in my whole life I have been a single digit in jeans size for almost 4 years now and it feels great! I always was overweight thru high school, but now am finally living my life! I am a mom of 4 children ages 25, 21, a handicapped son who has cerebral palsy who is 20 and my 17 year old daughter. Their support has been overwhelming in these past 4 years and i couldnt have done it without them. I live in Flushing, New York if anyone out there wants to chat please email me! my email is Lucylu2035@aol.com. sincerely, Lucy

Good luck, I am waiting on mine...........you will have to let me know how you are doing. I am from the western part of Ky. I wish you good luck!!! I have had laproscopic surgery before, but, evidently, this surgery is worse than gallbladder surgery?? I am getting nervous.........

Congratulations melnel25! I am so happy to hear that you made the commitment to pursue the surgery. I am also pleased to learn that you haven't had any bad experiences.<br />
If you stick to what your surgeon tells you, you will be fine!

WOW! this will be a fascinating and very interesting process to follow! Please continue to update us on how it goes, or consider keeping a blog here about it. I'm sure people considering this surgery would love to read through your experience with it..<br />
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Hope all is going well so far!