My Gastric Bypass.

I had gastric bypass on Oct,30th,2008,my weigh in was 280 pounds I now have lost 50 pounds down I'm currently weighing 230 pounds,I will tell you that I have had to face allot of challenges.I've had to over come allot of challenges and I still have allot of challenges to over come,as far as trying to tolorate solid foods I can not tolorate any type of solid foods, I quess that my body is not ready for that yet,I think that the most important thing you have to do before having any type of weight loss surgery is to change your old eating habbits,and be mentally prepard,I have a couple of videos on you tube including a slide slide show your more then welcome to see it just log on to youtube and search my videos using this code 07011755,maybe you can rate my videos, besides you'll find this website very informative, and very helpful for those individuals that had gastric bypass or are thinking about having weight loss surgery..........Thanks luv you all.

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you can look at my resent slide show from Oct 30th 2008/ 2010n my gastric btpass journey by going to youtube07011755 please rate my video if you really enjoy my slide show and my long journey...your friend jennyc.