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I'm sure for many of you that are getting ready to head into surgery soon, this is not what you want to hear.  I had GBS in 2000 and was quite sucessful with it for about 4 years.  While I never reached by goal weight, I did loose almost 100 pounds.  I started out at 305 lbs and got as low as 215 lbs in the first 6 months, but stayed there for about 3-4 years before the weight started to creep back on.

Over time, I was able to increase the amount of food I ate at each sitting and then was completely back to what I used to eat.  There are still a couple of foods that give me grief - rice and pasta but other than that, I can eat everything that I used to.

This surgery is not the "fix all" that some view it as.  It still takes a lot of work.

I have been overweight all of my life and continue to look for ways to reduce my weight.  It's always on my mind.

Are there any others out there who have had similar stories?

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Hi had gastric bypass in 2008 I lost 100 pounds during the first year kept it off for 2 years then got comfortable and started testing the limits with food. Now I am 215 pounds miserable and constantly trying to get back down to 170 pounds I am addicted to food so it is very hard for me. someone told that I can get another reconstructive type of surgery to re~enforce my bypass but I don't know if its covered by my insurance. Because of this I suffer from depression and constantly trying to lose weight but so far nothing has helped. you are not alone.

Hello. I had gastric bypass in 2003 and lost 110 pounds. I stayed at the weight of 138 for about five years, it never varied. Then, I started fluctuating in about a five pound radius. I have come to the point where I can eat about anything I want, and nothing really bothers me. But I did give up Pepsi forever and will not do it again. I think if I added carbonated beverages again I would gain all the weight back in a second. I have a lot of arthritis so I have to take ibuprofen which is bad for the pouch I have, so I think that has allowed me to gain back a few pounds. i also bloat really terribly around period time. I'm 28 years old, and at 7 years out I weigh 151 pounds. I'm still totally okay with that, but I understand what happened to you. In the group of people that I had the surgery with there were several stories like yours. Just don't feel like it's your fault. It may happen to me eventually, but through this whole experience I've learned to care less and less about what I weigh, there's so much more to life. Hope I helped you just a little :)

I had surgery 3 years ago...and the weight is starting to creep back on. I totally understand what you mean about how this is not the fix all. The weight struggles continues if not more after you have surgery. I too, still look for ways to lose weight. The thought of having to live my life constantly worrying about my weight, scares me.

i too had gastric bypass 3 yrs ago..i was at 358 lbs I lost 110 now I am gaining back what I lost..i have had a lot of sickness and mental anquish.. I know I am just using excuses but anyway is there anything else I can do I have been battling this my whole life..i went to meetings for over 6 months before and after surgery,,i thought I was ready but I didn't know that was going to have to I went back to my old ways of self medicate with food..i am now back into counseling.does anyone have any suggestions I really need help..thank youPlease reply with authenticity, support, and respect

Greetings, I too had surgery 6 years ago. I was at 450 lbs and lost over a period of two years down to 200 lbs and since I have addd back on 85lbs. So not as great as I wanted, I still am much happier and doing much better than before.<br />
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You are correct that it is no FIX ALL but it has changed my life from what the dr warned me before that I would not live 5 more years without the surgery.<br />
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My Sexless marriage is still the same. I really thought that the 250 loss would improve things but did not. still doing without but that again is another story.<br />
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If you will check my profile and you can read a little blog 'if you will ' about my wls journey.<br />
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I have been told that some can really relate to what I wrote.

Everyone that I know that has had aGB has gained weight back. I had mine in 2003. I started at 210 and
Lost to 130. I felt and looked great! Unfortunately the weight creeped back. Here I am right back where I started. Oh and let me add. Three
Month post surgery I ruptured and almost died. I spent a months in the hospital and have three hernia repairs since. Now there is no other type of surgery that can be done other than a gastric tune up >:-{{
No thanks... I cry about it daily
Wish I had known about the sleeve .