I've had a gas station attendant hit on me for years. Each time it happens, I explained to this man, that I'm in a relationship and I don't appreciate sexual advances as it proves he doesn't respect me or my partner. This attempt has failed. Despite my assertiveness I still give my business because I'm a friend of the owner. I've been so overwhelmed by the sexual harassment that I limit how much I go to the store. I've also shared my frustration and humiliation with my partner. Each time it goes unheard. So, a couple of days ago, my partner and I needed to go up there to get something from this store clerk. I decided to stay in the car to avoid any issues. Silly me, I asked for a smoke, because I forgot to ask my partner to get cigarettes while he was in the store. The store clerk beckons me out of the car. The conversation was going well, until he became so sexually explicit I blushed. I got back in the car and contemplated if I should tell my partner. At that point, my intervention wasn't helping and my partner was known to do nothing. So four days passes while I pondered to say something. Finally I asked for advice from my partner without telling him what was said. He ignored it again. He said he was thinking on what to say, but never got back with me. So about half an hour passed and finally I just told him exactly what the guy said. His ears perked up then. According to my partner, he didn't care if the clerk was flirting with me, but when it became sexual he had a problem. As often as I told him about this clerks' advances, he somehow believe in his mind that it was flirting. I was dumbfounded that he actually believes it's okay for another man to flirt with a man's women while he's aware! So, my partner blamed me. He blamed me for not telling him sooner, but when I eventually did gain the balls to tell him, he blamed me, got up in my face, called me insecure. He took it out on me as if I asked to be hit on. When I've more than proved over these years that that store clerk hitting on me makes me depressed. So we broke up. I'm okay with this. He blames me for the sexual advances and blames me for the break up. He blames me for everything. I literally mean everything! I guess this is the product of a person suffering with mild delusional schizophrenia with narcissistic rage. At the seat of every issue, I'm the cause, yet he screams he loves me while destroying my confidence. I've now realize that people like him are broken. They have fragile selves and can't see anything other than distortion to survive.

I need a bit of support. I've been with this crazy person for eight years and while I'm relieved it's over, I still have to live in the same apartment with him. How can I go about getting over this person officially? How do I not give my energy to a person who has stolen so much from me already?
Close2Crazy Close2Crazy
26-30, F
Sep 2, 2014