After arriving at the unit, I've became completely and utterly disgruntled. I don’t care anymore! I really don’t give a ****, and that’s bad, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to care. Before I came to this organization I was attached to a high-speed unit, there I did some pretty awesome stuff which I’m definitely proud of. When I get to this unit, I’m berated by NCO’s for having some bling on my chest, and being a little high speed. The “leadership” here is horrible, and our current platoon sergeant is notorious for throwing people under the bus.

They always try and push their leadership “style" on us senior promotable specialists, but honestly I don’t want to be anything like these people. I just can’t respect them. They are nothing to look up too, and the fact that they treat you like an inferior number just to be used in order to advance their own careers; leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I involuntarily shake my head in disgust on a daily basis, and wait for my ETS date.

I've slowed down drastically since I've been at this unit. I've put on pounds, I’m bored as ****, and it sickens me to watch the new privates coming in, getting instantly de-motivated, and perpetuating the cycle. It’s the same thing every day, nothing new, and the training is ungodly stupid. For example, let’s do drivers training by driving a LMTV in a circle (PT Belts) around the motor pool once, going 5MPH while being ground guided. The things they make us do are laughable, but it’s not, because we are actually doing this stuff. I don’t want to act like this, but it’s hard not too when you’re swimming in bullshit every day.

The only thing that excites me now is knocking out my college work. I've been busting my *** for over a year, and should have my BA mid 2015 (4.0GPA!!!!). I’ll be enrolled in my other degree program by JAN 15, and should be in medical school by late 2016 or 2017. I think I've checked out, it’s sad to say but my time in the Army is coming to an end. The Army has succeeded in their draw-down efforts; add one more to the list.
sithdeominca sithdeominca
31-35, M
Aug 21, 2014