Had It

i am so sick to death of people telling me I am to thin... When I look in the mirror I don't see that.. i am tired of hiding my bulimia but it has become part of my life style.. I have tried to stop many times but to no evail.. I weigh 78lbs and am still not satisfied with that...

Honestly I just wish outsiders would keep thier opinions to them selfs as, I really don't want to hear them... comments like "you eat like a bird Etc" no I do not eat like a bird do you see me pecking around the ground for a worm? I don't think so

i know deep down I have an eating disorder...but after 1o years of it... my body only knows 1 thing that is to purge..exercise..eat as little as possible then feel like crap when you look in the mirror

Anyways I have had it with complete strangers comming up to me saying my god you are to thin...lol I am thinking of bringing an umbrella out with me so when they start there crap I will just open it up and seem as foolish as they are to aproach me

that's my rant


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1 Response Aug 19, 2007

In other words you know you are harming yourself but you don't want anyone to remind you. Does it bother you that they care about you? Perhaps you don't want them to care? There's usually a reason behind self-destructive behaviour. Perhaps you don't want to face that? If you were in my social circle I would not tell you that you are too thin. You already know that. I would tryo to get you into therapy. I hope somebody still cares enough about you to do this.